Digital copy of Minutes of a Planning for Child in Care meeting in respect of Witness 632 at Maison Le Pape. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 632. For Witness 632's witness statement to States of Jersey Police dated 29 October 2008 see C/D/AW1/B1/5/14/WS000452.

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2002 - 2002

Scope and Content

Lists Witness 632, Witness 632's mother, Chair and Manager of Placement and Support Danny Wherry, Student Social Worker Irene Hansford as being present. Provides background information concerning Witness 632, mentioning remand to Les Chênes [Residential School], voluntary care, education at Les Chênes, larceny, drugs, and behaviour. Notes changes in the criteria for accommodation at Les Chênes resulting in Witness 632's inability to continue to reside there, and Witness 632's family's inability to accommodate Witness 632 at home. Refers to accommodation to be offered to Witness 632 at La Préférence [Children's Home], and attempt to return Witnes 632 to the care of his family. Refers to plans for Witness 632's future after education. Provides thoughts from Witness 632's mother, mentioning inability of the family to have Witness 632 at home due to his current behaviour, and Witness 632's mother's wish to meet with her son out of the family setting. Provides thoughts from [a member of Les Chênes staff] regarding Witness 632's accommodation and education. Notes Witness 632's agreement to this plan, and Witness 632's successful completion [of a task]. Provides thoughts from a [member of La Préférence staff] regarding accommodation for Witness 632, and visits by Witness 632 to a family's house, mentioning stealing and friends. Refers to rules and regulations of La Préférence to be discussed with Witness 632, mentioning the appointment of a Key Worker. Refers to Witness 632's wish not to attend a 5 day activity visit to Crabbe as organised by Les Chênes. Provides thoughts from Danny Wherry regarding drugs and illegal activity. Notes Witness 632's successful completion of [work experience], and Witness 532's wish to attend Highlands College. Recommends that Witness 632 continue his education at Les Chênes until the end of Year 11, that Witness 632 be accommodated at La Préférence, that Witness 632's links to his family be maintained and increased, and plans be made for Witness 632 after leaving school.


Children's Services
Health and Social Services
Highlands College
Les Chênes Residential School
La Préférence Children's Home
Maison Le Pape
Social Services
Hansford, Irene
Wherry, Danny


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