Digital copy of a Report by the Child and Family Service on Witness 632. Signed by Nurse Therapist John Gordon. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 632. For Witness 632's witness statement to States of Jersey Police dated 29 October 2008 see C/D/AW1/B1/5/14/WS000452.

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November 18th 1999 - November 18th 1999

Scope and Content

Refers to Witness 632's residency at Heathfield Children's Centre, noting education at Le Rocquier School. Provides details regarding Witness 632's family background, mentioning physical abuse to Witness 632 and the involvement of Children's Services when Witness 632 was a toddler. Notes Witness 632's placement on the "at risk" register. Refers to Witness 632's mother's difficulty in bonding with Witness 632, mentioning the similarity between Witness 632 and his father. Notes conversations with Witness 632 regarding a problem and a relationship. Refers to Witness 632's relationships with his grandparents. Provides details of medical involvement in Witness 632's case; mentioning referral to GP Dr Chance and Dr [H Clifford] Spratt. Refers to Educational Psychologist Diane Best, and St Helier Day Nursery's observations of Witness 632's behaviour. Mentions the Paediatric Department's involvement in Witness 632's case until 1993, and notes Witness 632's mother's needs to support the management of Witness 632 and her relationship with him. Provides details of Children's Services and Child and Family Service's involvement in Witness 632's case, mentioning a non accidental injury caused to Witness 632 by his father, and naming therapists Gillian Bell and Phil Murphy. Describes Witness 632's behaviour, also mentioning the involvement of Paula Foster. Notes Witness 632's referral dated 1994, mentioning Clare Barnfather. Comments on Witness 632's behaviour at home, mentioning cruelty. Refers to Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Peter Hardwick's assement of Witness 632, noting behaviour at home, Janvrin Road School and mentioning sessions with Clare Barnfather. Names Margaret Brown, and refers to Witness 632's misbehaviour near Janvrin Road School. Recalls meeting held at Byron Road attended by Clare Barnfather, Margaret Brown, [Child Care Officer] David Dallain, and Paula Foster. Notes offering of respite care at Heathfield for Witness 632, and refers to Clare Barnfather's departure from [Children's Services]. Refers to family therapy offered to Witness 632's family, and visit to Witness 632 and his family by Barry Bowen. Notes Witness 632's limited responses to Barry Bowen, and a request that John Gordon also befriend Witness 632. Recalls meeting Witness 632 and a discussion regarding anger management. Recalls Witness 632's placement at Heathfield [Children's Cente] following instances of stealing at Le Rocquier School. Describes visits to Witness 632 at Heathfield, and Witness 632's involvement in a fight. Provides details of delinquent behaviour by Witness 632, mentioning stealing, the Police, and a St Clement's Centenier. Refers to Witness 632 stealing from a farm. Provides details of conclusions regarding Witness 632's case, mentioning individual therapy with Witness 632, and behaviour modification involving Witness 632 and his family. Notes abuse suffered by Witness 632 as a child, and Witness 632's deprivation from bonding or cuddling at a crucial stage of his development. Refers to Witness 632's unwillingness to engage in therapy, mentioning Child Care Officer Richard Davenport. Refers to Witness 632's mother's inability to leave Witness 632 alone in their house due to concerns over Witness 632's actions. Notes assessment of Witness 632 by Dr Carolyn Coverley, and queries whether Witness 632's family will be able to cope with him at home, mentioning Heathfield [Children's Centre] and [Le Rocquier] school.


Children's Services
Child and Family Service
Heathfield Children's Home
Janvrin School
Le Rocquier School
States of Jersey Police
St Helier Day Nursery
Best, Diane
Brown, Margaret
Bowen, Barry
Barnfather, Clare
Bell, Gillian
Coverley, Carolyn, Dr
Chance, Dr
Dallain, David
Davenport, Richard
Foster, Paula
Gordon, John
Hardwick, Peter
Murphy, Phil
Spratt, H Clifford, Dr


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