Digital copy of a Record of incidents concering Witness 698 [at Les Chênes Residential School]. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 698. For Witness 698's witness statements to States of Jersey Police see C/D/AW1/B1/5/17.

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2003 - 2003

Scope and Content

1st Entry. Refers to a resident returning to the classroom, and a discussion between the resident and Witness 698 in which Witness 698 instructed the resident to answer 'no comment' during an interview with Police. 2nd Entry. Refers to Witness 698's admission at Les Chênes, mentioning placement in the Secure unit. 3rd Entry. Notes telephone contact from Witness 698's mother, and Witness 698's decision to decline an offer of food or drink. 4th Entry. Refers to the placement of Witness 698's black bag and cigarettes having been placed in a member of staff's office. 5th Entry. Provides details of Witness 698's night in the Secure unit. 6th Entry. Recalls accompanying Witness 698 to the [Police] Court at Seale Street, mentioning Magistrate [Ian] Le Marquand. 7th Entry. Records being taken to the Springfield are of St Helier by a member of Les Chênes staff in order to search for Witness 698. Mentions meeting other Les Chênes residents and requesting any knowledge of Witness 698's whereabouts. Met another member of Les Chênes staff, and passed information to Police. 8th Entry. Refers to PCs [Police Constables] Hares and Webb and details relating to Witness 698. Notes discussion between the Police and another member of staff. 9th Entry. Refers to contact by Police Headquarters regarding Witness 698's remand details, and a member of staff's contact details. 10th Entry. Records contact with Police regarding their imminent arrival at Les Chênes with Witness 698. 11th Entry. Refers to Witness 698's drunken state, and her admission to her room. 12th Entry. Refers to a member of staff leaving Les Chênes, and Witness 698's actions in her room. Details checks on Witness 698. 13th Entry. Refers to drinks requested by Witness 698. 14th Entry. Notes checks on Witness 698 throughout the night. 15th Entry. Records Witness 698 as having been allowed to sleep in, also mentioning her time at [HM Prison] La Moye. 16th Entry. Notes Witness 698's refusal to get out of bed, and mentions a meeting scheduled with the Alcohol and Drugs [Service] cancelled at Witness 698's request. 17th Entry. Refers to a second meeting with [Alcohol and Drugs Service] scheduled for Monday. 18th Entry. Notes Witness 698's wish to be left alone. 19th Entry. Describes Witness 698's behaviour in relation to lunch. 20th Entry. Notes Witness 698's decision to only get out of bed once she knew what was for lunch. Refers to another member of staff instructing Witness 698 that Cottage Pie was being served for lunch. 21st Entry. Notes Witness 698's lack of response when spoken to. 22nd to 27th Entries. Records Witness 698 as asleep. 28th Entry. Details discussion with Witness 698, and refers to decision that Witness 698 remain in her room. 29th Entry. Refers to Witness 698 reading in her room. Refers to contact by Kevin Houllibecq [Houillebecq] of the Probation [and After Care] Service regarding the possibility of Witness 698 being charged with escaping from lawful custody. Refers to Witness 698's interest in whether she will be charged, mentioning ability to smoke at the Police Station. Refers to food provided to Witness 698, and Witness 698's behaviour in relation to her lack of a television. Notes permission provided by a member of staff for Witness 698 to watch television. Refers to Witness 698's wish to contact her mother, and notes that the portable phone had been broken by another resident. Refers to Witness 698's mother's distress at not having been notified of Witness 698's return to Les Chênes. Refers to Witness 698's abscondence from Les Chênes, and assault of a member of staff by Witness 698. Recalls restraint of Witness 698 by staff in accordance with TCI [Therapeutic Crisis Intervention] guidelines until the arrival of the Police, and the removal of Witness 698 to the Police Station.


Alcohol and Drugs Service
Children's Services
Les Chênes Residential School
Probation and After Care Service
Police Court
States of Jersey Police
Hares, Police Constable
Houillebecq, Kevin
Le Marquand, Ian
Webb, Police Constable


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