Digital copy of Exhibit 2: Witness 64's third witness statement to the States of Jersey Police in relation to an investigation into Witness 64's father. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 64's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 27 February 2015, see C/D/AW1/B1/9/WS000518.

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May 8th 2013 - May 8th 2013

Scope and Content

Describes being contacted by Detective Constable [Alex] Le Chevalier on 6 March [2013] and informed that her father was subject to an investigation. Describe attempts to forget her past and reference to negative past experiences with the police, alleging corruption, and subsequent trust issues as a result. Provides details of two incidents where her father sexually abused her. Notes that the first incident happened when she was aged 6 and 8 and occurred during a storm, and the second incident happened when she was aged 15. Includes an account of the second incident stating that she was raped by her father. Describes her reaction following this incident and states that she never told anyone about it until recent years during which time she has spoken to counsellors and close friends. Describes telling an individual that her father could be [her child's] father after reading her second statement to the Police on 5 April 2013. Refers to having a DNA test, stating to have had mixed feelings when the DNA results came through showing that her father was not the father of [her child]. Expresses wish to make a formal complaint in relation to being raped by her father.


Le Chevalier, Alexandra, Detective Constable
Children's Services
States of Jersey Police


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