Digital copy of a Newspaper Cutting from the JEP [Jersey Evening Post] and a Children's Office Report by Child Care Officer J Bruce Elliott. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 85. For Witness 85's statement to the States of Jersey Police dated 4 June 2008, see C/D/AW1/B1/10/WS000112.

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1978 - May 18th 1978

Scope and Content

1. Refers to a mother's placement on probation for a year after being found guilty of neglecting her child at her home. Details warning from the Assistant Magistrate regarding a future appearance before the Royal Court and the removal of the child from the mother's care should neglect occur again. Notes request from the Children's Office for a report on the mother, and refers to the mother's drinking problem. 2. Provides details of the family home, rented at £18.94 per week. Refers to children committed into the Care of the Education Committee dated 12 July 1974 until 1976. Refers to marriage, and the States Housing list. Provides details of the mother's alcoholism and neglect of parental duties. Refers to the husband's employment and role within the household. Notes threat of Court action regarding the mother's children. Refers to financial difficulties experienced by the couple, noting £60.00 debt and husband's wage of only £53.50 per week. Refers to an electricity bill of £103.00. Refers to placement of the children at St Helier Day Nursery so that their mother can find employment, detailing difficulties with the arrangement. Concludes that the issue of a Binding Over Order would be the most effective deterrent necessary to prevent the children being admitted into Care. Recommends to the Court that a Binding Over Order be considered.


Children's Office
Children's Services
Housing Department
Jersey Evening Post
Royal Court
States of Jersey
St Helier Day Nursery
Elliott, J B


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