Digital copy of Case Notes by Senior Child Care Officer A [Anne] Herrod and a Report by Child Care Officer R [Richard] Davenport. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 85. For Witness 85's statement to the States of Jersey Police dated 4 June 2008, see C/D/AW1/B1/10/WS000112.

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October 2nd 1989 - August 10th 1990

Scope and Content

1. Details regular contact with Witness 85 during November and December 1989, noting truancy from school and visits to her grandmother. Refers to Witness 85's rejection of her [stepfather], and steps taken by Witness 85 to investigate the identify of her birth father. Notes Witness 85's presence at Fort Regent and time roller skating in the company of a school friend. Comments on Witness 85's interest in boys, mentioning Jordan [Knight] of Four Kids on the Block [New Kids on the Block]. Refers to Witness 85 having stolen whilst on a Project Trident placement, noting Alan Maguire's response. Refers to Witness 85's time at the Fort Regent Swimming Pool. Entry dated 8 May 1990. Recalls visit of Witness 85 to the [Children's] Office. Entry dated June [1990]. Refers to tickets for a Jason Donovan concert. Entry dated June to July [1990]. Refers to visit by Witness 85 to the Children's Office, mentioning Dick [Richard Davenport]. Entry dated July [1990]. Refers to visit by Witness 85 to the Children's Office in order for [Anne] Herrod to sign Witness 85's papers for a Project Trident trip to the Lake District. Entry dated 6 August 1990. Notes Witness 85's abscondence. Entry dated 7 August 1990. Refers to Witness 85's return to [Blanche Pierre Family Group Home]. Entry dated 10 August 1990. Refers to Witness 85 absconding for a second time, mentioning a night spent at the Crematorium [at Westmount] by Witness 85 before going to her grandmother's. Refers to Witness 85's relationship with boys. 2. Entry dated 2 October 1989. Advised by Standby Duty Officer H [Hal] Coomer of Witness 85's abscondence from FGH [Blanche Pierre Family Group Home], and her having been reported missing by [Jane and Alan] Maguire. Entry dated 3 October 1989. Refers to discussion with CCO [Child Care Officer] [Danny] Wherry, mentioning [States of Jersey Police] and FGH [Blanche Pierre Family Group Home], regarding Witness 85's discovery in St Brelade and her return to [Blanche Pierre]. Notes agreement to visit [Blanche Pierre], and details abuse by [Jane and Alan] Maguire towards Witness 85. Provides details of Witness 85's abscondence in St Brelade, mentioning school and St Brelade's Sub-Police Station. Notes decision to withdraw Witness 85 to the [Children's] Office for further interview away from [Jane and Alan] Maguire. Refers to Witness 85's complaints of emotional and physical abuse of children at [Blanche Pierre] by [Alan and Jane Maguire]. Notes Witness 85's wish to transfer to Heathfield [Children's Home]. Refers to return of Senior Child Care Officer [Anne] Herrod, and a discussion regarding Witness 85's future.


Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Services
Children's Office
Fort Regent
Heathfield Children's Home
New Kids on the Block (band)
Project Trident
States of Jersey Police
Coomer, Hal
Davenport, Richard
Donovan, Jason
Herrod, Anne
Knight, Jordan
Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Wherry, Danny


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