Digital copy of the Transcript of a Tape Recorded Interview with Witness 88 in the Interview Room at Rouge Rouillon Police Station conducted by Detective Sergeant Barry Faudemer in the presence of Child Care Officer Danny Wherry and Witness 88's foster mother. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 88's witness statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/11.

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January 19th 1996 - January 19th 1996

Scope and Content

Includes details of a preliminary conversation with Witness 88 about his hobbies, membership of clubs, address history and schooling. Refers to Witness 88's attendance at Le Rocquier School, naming Mrs Young as his form tutor. Includes Witness 88's account of a man whose son went to Le Squez [School] and with whom Witness 88 used to be friends. Recalls meeting the man outside his house at Le Squez whilst living at [Blanche Pierre Family Group Home]. Includes details about the man's family and an overview of his interactions with the man, recalling visiting the man's home. Describes incidents of being sexually abused by the man at the man's house and refers to other children who may have been sexually abused by the man. Recalls that the man had a boat and told Witness 88 to not tell anyone about the abuse. Includes Witness 88's recollections Jane and Alan Maguire from his time living in the Family Group Home at Le Squez. Refers to Alan Maguire's nickname and includes details of a discussion about Alan and Jane Maguire moving in around 1990. Includes comments about Witness 88's schooling at the time the abuse was happening, noting his assertion that he was at Le Squez School, recalling teachers including Mrs Halls, Mr du Feu, Mr Roberts and Mrs Filleul. Also includes a reference to Witness 88 recalling having his mouth washed out with soap and being force fed.


du Feu, Mr
Faudemer, Barry, Detective Sergeant
Filleul, Mr
Halls, Mrs
Holly, Buddy
Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Roberts, Mr
Wherry, Danny
Young, Mrs
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Services
Le Rocquier School
Le Squez School
States of Jersey Police


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