Digital copy of Internal Reviews with Senior Child Care Officer. Signed by Child Care Officer R [Richard] Davenport. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 154. For Witness 154's statements to States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/20.

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March 1st 1984 - February 15th 1988

Scope and Content

1. Refers to the deaths of Witness 154 and his siblings' mother, and the death of the father of one of the chidlren. Notes that whilst the father of the other two children presents as a dutiful parent, facts indicate otherwise. Refers to a report prepared for the Royal Court. Contains plans for Witness 154 and his siblings from February 1988 and prior to team transfer. Refers to a Care Order secured for the child without either living parent, noting that the child is likely to remain in long term care. Refers to an attempt by Children's Services to secure Parental Rights Orders in respect of two other children, resulting in a 12 month adjournment granted by the Royal Court with regards to the father proving his emotional and financial support to his children. States that detailed records are to be kept at FGH [Blanche Pierre Family Group Home], referring to the likelihood of a secured Parental Rights [Order]. Notes that Witness 154 and his siblings have settled well into [Blanche Pierre] and school. Contains the initials of [Senior Child Care Officer] BC [Brenda Chappell]. 2. Provides details in relation to Witness 154's family background, mentioning marriages, divorces, and deaths. Notes that one individual has custody of all the children, and refers to contact by two fathers. States that support by the Children's Service is financial and emotional. Refers to ongoing plans concerning Witness 154's family, mentioning the Crown Officers. Refers to Review dated March 1985. Comments on a male child's attempts to acquire employment after leaving school. Refers to violent behaviour by the male child, and his appearance before a T.H.E [Town Hall Enquiry]. Refers to a sister's truancy from school. Refers to support provided to the family. Refers to Review dated June 1987. Makes reference to Witness 154 and his siblings' mother's death, their admission into Voluntary Care with foster parents, and their transfer to Family Group Home Le Squez [Blanche Pierre Family Group Home]. Details Witness 154 and his siblings' progress at [Blanche Pierre], and their attendance at a Roman Catholic Church, mentioning a first communion. Refers to the death of an individual due to alcoholism. Provides details of the family left to Witness 154 and his siblings, mentioning the lack of visits of a father and contributions not made by the father for the upkeep of his children. Refers to the intention of the Children's Department to secure Parental Rights Orders on children [within the family], noting a sister's child's decision to declare UDI [Universal Decleration of Independence]. Refers to the sister staying at Camelot Girls' Hostel temporarily before moving in with another individual. States that the sister can return to the Children's Department when assistance is required.


Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Camelot Girls' Hostel
Children's Services
Children's Department
Royal Court
Chappell, Brenda
Davenport, Richard


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