Digital copy of Exhibit 3: Corrrespondence from Witness 153 to Children's Services regarding concerns about [her brother]. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 153's witness statement to the Inquiry, see C/D/AW1/B1/19/WS000675.

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May 24th 2005 - May 24th 2005

Scope and Content

1. Letter from Witness 153 to Ms [Susan] Brown. Undated, c. 2005. Outlines concerns regarding [her brother]. Refers to limited knowledge and contact with [her brother] but agreement to offer him bail support. Expresses concerns about [her brother's] mental health and emotional wellbeing, referring to his depression, self-harm, suicidal state and involvement in a crime. Refers to [her brother] being remanded to Greenfields and recalls visit to see him where she spoke to a staff member and his doctor about arrangements for him. Includes comments about communication and reference to [her brother] being returned to her care under strong bail guidelines. Includes comments about [her brother's] behaviour since in her care, referring to incidences of him being drunk and repeated attempts to address the situation in respect of his behaviour and employment. Refers to finding a 13 year old girl in [her brother's] room, expressing her concerns for the girl's welfare and consequent discussions with [her brother] regarding implications of his actions. Outlines her current position, referring to [her brother's] failure to adhere to basic ground rules whilst in her care, referring to him returning late, being frequently drunk and poor treatment of her by him despite financial and pastoral support provided to him. Describes inability to contact [her brother] since arriving at her grandmother's house and subsequently reporting a breach of bail conditions to the Police and Greenfields, and lack of contact from police since. Refers to discussion with her grandmother and [her brother] about his bail conditions and action taken by Greenfields. Comments on possible causes for [her brother's] behaviour, mentioning alcohol, drugs or an underlying condition, reiterating attempts to help him. Requests to be informed of the outcome of the situation and expresses sadness that [her brother] is unable to exist presently within a family set up. 2. Email dated 24 May 2005 from Witness 153 to Children's Services for the attention of Pauline Vautier and Mr Stuart Haslam [Hallam]. Outlines concerns about [her brother's] mental health, referring to contact with a member of staff at Greenefields and Dr [Michael] Vincent about the issue. Includes comments about her contact with the family and knowledge of the circumstances, noting contact by [her brother] and subsequent discussion with him about his mental health, mentioning his history depression, breakdowns, alcoholism and self-harm. Includes reference to comments by Dr Vincent about [her brother's] mental health. Expresses belief that [her brother] would benefit from time within a secure family unit, referring to him having arrived at her house on four separate occasions for food. Refers to discussion with [her brother] about possible help and support that she and her husband could offer [her brother] beyond school. Refers to [her brother] discussing plans to move to the United Kingdom and comments about medical needs of [her brother] regarding his depression. Notes willingness to take [her brother] whilst referencing her concerns raised by her about his mental health. [For a copy of this Exhibit, see C/D/AW1/A2/2/WD008536].


Brown, Susan
Hallam, Stuart
Vautier, Pauline
Vincent, Michael, Dr
Children's Services
Greenfields Centre
Les Chênes Residential School
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police


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