Digital copy of Report on Witness 154. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 154. For Witness 154's statements to States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/20.

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May 16th 1991 - May 16th 1991

Scope and Content

Provides details relating to Witness 154, mentioning placement at Group Home, Le Squez [Blanche Pierre Family Group Home], CCO [Child Care Officer] Richard Davenport, and education at De La Salle College. Refers to Witness 154's mother, father, and silbings. Refers to Witness 154's admission into Care due to his mother's terminal illness. Pen Picture. Describes Witness 154's appearance and behaviour, mentioning friends and relationships. Refers to Witness 154's recent ill health. How Child is Coping with Routine. Refers to Witness 154's ability to motivate himself in the morning, mentioning untidiness about his bedroom. Refers to Witness 154's previous enuresis, also mentioning Witness 154's sister. Behaviour at Mealtimes and Eating habits. Describes Witness 154's behaviour at mealtimes, mentioning helpfulness and conversation. Response to School. Comments on Witness 154's attendance at school, and his ability to maintain interest in his work. Comments on school reports describing Witness 154's pleasant personality. Refers to Witness 154's evolving friendships. Refers to Witness 154's upcoming interview at Highlands College regarding at Construction course, and an application made for a part time job. Bath and Bedtime. Provides details of Witness 154's level of hygiene and sleeping habits, mentioning verbal abuse and music. Activities and Play. Refers to Witness 154's participation in sports at School, and his visits to Fort Regent with friends. Refers to instances of Witness 154 drinking and fighting, mentioning a 6 month probation order and Probation Officer [Barry] Jordan. Refers to Witness 154's interactions with friends, and with a group at Clos Gosset, mentioning under age drinking and malicious damage leading to an appearance before St Saviour's Parish Hall. Refers to occasional games of football or chess with children at [Blanche Pierre]. Interaction and Relationships. Notes lack of contact between Witness 154 and his maternal grandmother, sister, and brother, mentioning Fort Regent. Within the Group. Comments on Witness 154's behaviour towards children at [Blanche Pierre], and describes Witness 154's personality. Staff. Comments on frustrations of [Blanche Pierre] staff regarding Witness 154's behaviour. Communication. Details Witness 154's interactions with others, and his affection for family and friends. Refers to the death of one of Witness 154's friends, and Witness 154's visits to his friend's family. Social Work Contact. Notes Witness 154's positive responses to contact with Richard Davenport. Recommendations. States that Witness 154 will be supported if accepted on a course at Highlands College, noting his ability to remain at [Blanche Pierre] until he is ready to leave.


Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Office
Children's Services
De La Salle College
Fort Regent
Highlands College
Probation and After Care Service
St Saviour Parish Hall
Davenport, Richard
Jordan, Barry


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