Digital copy of Witness 259's witness statement to the States of Jersey Police providing an account of his experiences in care at Westaway Crèche, Jersey Home for Girls and Jersey Home for Boys. Signature witnessed by John Packer. [Some details redacted].

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July 15th 2008 - July 15th 2008

Scope and Content

• Background and Early Life States that he was born in Jersey in 1938. Refers to parents' divorce when he was aged 3 and subsequent placement in a children's home with his siblings. • Westaway Crèche and [Jersey Home for Girls] Refers to time at Westaway Crèche between the ages of 3 and 4 and at [Jersey Home for Girls] in Grouville between the ages of 4 and 6. Recalls moving to Haut de la Garenne [Jersey Home for Boys] in 1945. Refers to context of his placement in the crèche in 1942 during the Occupation, recalling that the Germans marched down to Gorey Pier to surrender in May 1945. Includes recollections of discpline at Haut de la Garenne in comparison to the crèche and the girls' home, recalling be made to go a Church of England church and having his wrists tied together at night by a female staff member at the girls' home. Also recalls playing with boxes from Red Cross parcels at the girls' home, attendance at Grouville School whilst at the girls' home and lack of shoes during this period. • Haut de la Garenne [Jersey Home for Boys] Includes recollections of the buildings at [Jersey Home for Boys] and its use as accommodation by the Germans during the Occupation. Recalls gardeners and a long trench for use by the German soldiers. Includes recollections of the regime at Haut de la Garenne, recalling that children were expected to do chores and help out with the maintenance and upkeep of the Home. Recalls the names of a number of boys at Haut de la Garenne during his time there between 1945 and 1954. Includes comments about some of the boys, including remarks about their family situations and reference to boys who went to work in the coalmines and into the Navy. Recalls one boy stealing ammunition from a bunker when the Germans surrendered, noting that the bunker was the same one that he had seen being excavated on television. Notes that the boy hid some bullets arround the home and put tracer bullets in a fire lit to celebrate the end of the war. Recalls incident where residents made Union Jack flags and put them in the windows and on the flagpole at the Home, describing response of the Germans. Includes recollections of staff at the Jersey Home for Boys. Recalls a former resident from the Home who had been in the Royal Air Force who returned to work as an assistant carer. Describes changes upon the arrival of a new member of staff, referring to provision of clothing and arrangements for children to receive procket money. States that he worked as a house boy at the Jersey Home for Boys between December 1953 and Februrary 1954 before leaving to work as a miner for the National Coal Board. Includes comments about the discipline at the Jersey Home for Boys. • Abuse Recalls meeting a 13 year old boy on his first day at the Jersey Home for Boys who later went into the Navy, describing him as a bully. Recalls incidents of emotional and physical abuse by this boy. Describes incident where he was was physically abused with keys and placed into a room for a long period as punishment by a female staff member after he put a cat in a laundry basket. Also recalls being physically abused by a male staff member, describing injuries sustained. Describes incidents where he and another resident were physically abused by a staff member in front of other residents after absconding from the Home to see the other boy's mother. Provides details of injuries sustained during this abuse. Recalls physical abuse by a male staff member, noting that he was physically abused in front of other residents in the dining room after refusing to apologise for his actions. Notes that this staff member threatened to send him to Borstal. Recalls a male staff member at the Home who was only there for 6 weeks, noting that he was dismissed for sexually abusing residents. Describe an incident where a male staff member physically abused a resident by scrubbing his mouth with carbolic soap water and a floor scrubbing brush as punishment for swearing in the dining room, stating that 60 other residents would have witnessed this incident. Describes an incident where a resident told him that he had been sexually abused by a former house boy at the Jersey Home for Boys and given a silver watch following abuse. States that they complained about abuse to a judge, Detective Perchard, shortly after in the Court, noting that the abuser was either charged or given psychiatric treatment. Notes that they travelled to court in an Austin Tilley [Tilly] from the Home.


Packer, John
Perchard, Mr
Austin Tilly (Car)
Haut de la Garenne
Jersey Home for Boys
Jersey Home for Girls
National Coal Board
Operation Rectangle
Red Cross
Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
States of Jersey Police
Westaway Crèche


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