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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Alberta on the 24th of June 1919

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June 24th 1919 - June 24th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Collins, Ernest Leslie
Colyer, Frances Howard
Cooke, George
Cooke, Mary Jane
Corbel, Felix
Corbin, Frederick Eli
Cornish, Frances Emily
Cornish, James William
Corr, Louise Elizabeth
Cory, Georgina
Cory, John Lee
Cory, Marguerite
Cousins, Thomas Albert
Coutanche, Annie
Cross, John Thomas
Currie, Archibald
Davies, David Cunllo
Davies, Emrys Lloyd
Deans, Charles Sidney
Deans, Jessie Hyland
Despres, Reginald
Digby, Basil Robert
Royal Air Force
Digby, May
Dingley, Elsie May
Dingley, John Hubert
Dodd, Arthur Leigh
Domaille, Mabel
Donoghue, Elizabeth
Donoghue, Elisa
Doras, Henry Leslie
Dubé, Joscal
DuPont, Jules Albert
Dupré, Maud Mary
Edwards, George
Elliott, Richard John
Evans, David Gorwyn
Ewens, Thomas Oliver Wayne
Falle, Arthur William Ernest
De Faye, Edward Thomas
De Faye, Millie
Feron, John
Field, George Edward
Field, Minnie Harriet
Finch, Beatrice Hellen
Fleming, Dorothy Norma Paterson
Forrest Eeanor Elliott
Forrest, James Henry
Forwood, Constance Mary Muriel
Franklin, Horace William
Frazer, Kathleen Clara
Frazer, Lewis
Frazaer, Iva Constance
Frizelle, Frances Emily
Frizelle, Julian
Indian Army
Fry, Lewin James
Fuller, Arthur Carlton
Gale, Frederick
Gibaut, Emily
Gibbs, Elsie Ruby
Gibbs, William Sydney
Gosford, Millie
Gosford, Thomas Reginald
Gouvert, Charles Ernest Vear
Grandin, Adolphus Edward
Grandin, Alice
Gray, Annie Maud
Greaves, Frederick
Green, James
Green, Rachel Louise
Greenway, Ronald Charles
Griffiths, Charles Walter John
Griffiths, Frederick
Griffiths, Katie Louisa
Griffiths, Walter Frederick
Griffiths, Walter Goffe
De Gruchy, Mary Muriel
Guégan, Henri Jean Louis
Guilliard, John
Handford, Mabel Harriet
Hands, Louisa Ruby
Harper, William
Haynes, William Herbert
Heaton, Walter
Heaton, Winifred Mary
du Heaume, Ada Priscilla
Hemming, Henry William
Hollick, Aubrey Samuel
Hutchinson, Frederick Laurence de Mouilpied
Janes, William Edwin
Jarnet, Raymond Charles
Jerrom, Dorothy Rose
Johnson, Gwendoline
Bradshaw, Frank
Journeaux, Irene Marie
Marcel, John Francis
Huet, John
Bayler, Caroline Julie


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