Digital copy of Witness 265's witness statement to the States of Jersey Police as part of Operation Rectangle providing an account of his experiences at Jersey Home for Boys. [Some details redacted]. Signature witnessed by Paul Charman.

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March 18th 2008 - March 18th 2008

Scope and Content

Background and Home Life Refers to birth in Jersey during 1952, describing himself as illegitimate. Refers to [siblings] who were not placed at Haut de la Garenne. Institutions Admitted to the creche at Sacre Coeur [Orphanage] during his first year, remaining until the age of 4 or 5 until he transferred to Haut de la Garenne until the age of 14. Provides details of staff at Haut de la Garenne. Refers to the change the name of Jersey Home for Boys to Haut de la Garenne, and the introduction of girls to Haut de la Garenne. Recalls accident at Haut de la Garenne involving a tractor driving by a man working for the States of Jersey Parks department, in which Witness 265's arm was broken. Refers to friends who were later placed at La Préférence [Children's Home], and a friend often in distress at Haut de la Garenne. Refers to the distressed friend's suicide near Haut de la Garenne. Recalls residents swimming at Annport [Anne Port beach], and being approached by a man on a regular basis who would offer the children sweets, ice cream, and drinks. States that residents were not always supervised by staff when at Anne Port. Recalls corporal punishment whilst at Haut de la Garenne. Provides recollections of waking in the night whilst in the Intermediary Dormitory on the top floor of the West Wing, and noticing that a boy would be missing from his bed. Abuse and Consequences Provides information about a man who would come to Haut de la Garenne and take Witness 265 and others out in his car for drives around the island, mentioning the possibility that the man's behaviour may have been inappropriate. Refers to a name mentioned by Police in relation to such outings. Events after Leaving Care Left Haut de la Garenne at the age of 14 for a foster placement lasting until Witness 265 left Jersey in 1969.


Haut de la Garenne
Jersey Home for Boys
La Préférence Children's Home
Operation Rectangle
Sacré Coeur Orphanage
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Parks Department
States of Jersey Police
Charman, Paul, Detective Constable


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