Digital copy of Witness 327's witness statement to the Inquiry providing an account of her experiences in care at Sacré Coeur. [Some details redacted].

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February 22nd 2015 - February 22nd 2015

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• Background and Early Life States that she was born in Jersey in 1962. States that her parents came to Jersey to work, noting that as they had not spent 10 years in Jersey they were not free to live where they wanted. Includes comments about her accommodation during the winter and during the summer. Recalls being looked after by a nanny for a period, including remarks about the nanny. • Sacré Coeur Orphanage States that she first went to Sacré Coeur in 1964. Includes comments about her first impressions of Sacré Coeur in respect of the size and appearance of the building compared to the atmosphere inside. States that she and [her sibling] sometimes stayed at Sacré Coeur for a day and sometimes overnight depending on their parents' work. Includes recollections of the nuns and other staff at Sacré Coeur, including the nuns who looked after her and other children and the Mère Superieure. Recalls the living arrangements of the nuns, and recalls that a woman who was not a nun who slept in the dormitory with the girls. Describes the daily routine at Sacré Coeur, including reference to religious observations, schooling at Halkett Place [School], mealtimes, bathing and sleeping arrangements in the dormitories. Recalls that the boys went to a different school near the cinema, Vauxhall [Street School] and that boys and girls were always kept separate at Sacré Coeur. States that she went home to her parents at weekends but would see the sisters at Sunday School during Mass at St Thomas' Church, recalling Père Chouffard. Includes recollections of play and recreation at Sacré Coeur. Recalls playing in the dining room and the playground, trips to the beach during the summer, memories of being taken to a park (possibly West Park) to play and picnics in the summer. States that there was a little theatre at Sacré Coeur, recalling putting on shows and holding jumble sales that the public could attend to raise funds for Sacré Coeur. Includes few recollections of other children at Sacré Coeur whilst she was there, recalling that some children spoke French but that she spoke English. Notes that most of the time the nuns would speak English to the children. States to be unsure whether all of the children at Sacré Coeur were Catholic, referring to recollections one particular boy. States that she does not recall children being made to do jobs and chores other than charpis, recalling making balls of wool and tags for the factory at Summerland. Recalls that there was discipline instilled at Sacré Coeur, referring to rules for children to follow, but states that she did not witness any bad behaviour or anyone receive physical punishment. • Events since leaving Sacré Coeur States that she left Jersey in 1972, recalling that her parents did not tell her that they were leaving because they knew that she would not want to leave Sacré Coeur. Refers to maintaining contact with one of the nuns. States that she returned to Jersey when she was aged 16 or 18 and visited Sacré Coeur, referring to photographs taken during this visit [Exhibit 1: C/D/AW1/A3/36/WD005137/1 and Exhibit 2: C/D/AW1/A3/36/WD005137/2]. Describes frequent visits to Jersey on holiday with her children and husband during which they have visited Sacré Coeur, and updates about certains nuns from a former resident. Includes comments about her feelings about Sacré Coeur and how it has been reported in the press. Emphasises her positive experience of her time at Sacré Coeur and positive impact that her time there had on her life. Comments on the impact of comments in the press and during the Inquiry about Sacré Coeur on its reputation and those of the nuns. Refutes negative comments about Sacré Coeur, referring to need to distinguish between Sacré Coeur and Haut de la Garenne and highlights inability of nuns to defend themselves.


Chouffard, Père
Elizabeth Castle
Halkett Place School
Haut de la Garenne
Sacré Coeur Orphanage
St Thomas' Church
States of Jersey
Sumerland Factory
Vauxhall Street School


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