Digital copy of Social Services Records as supplied by Lacey Advocates in relation to Witness 220's application to the Historic Abuse Redress Scheme. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 220.

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1953 - 1969

Scope and Content

Contains Cards, Letters, Correspondence, Case Notes, School Reports, Reports, Acts of the Royal Court, Case Discussions, Reports on Accident, Admission Sheets, Forms of application for admission of a child to the care of the Education Committee, Reports for the Royal Court, and Medical Records. Refers to Haut de la Garenne, Education Committee [Children's Section], St Helier Boys' School, [Bessels Leigh] School, Public Health Department, Swalcliffe [Park School], Royal Court, Seebohm Committee, National Association of Mental Health, Children's Department, Psychiatric Clinic, Samaritans, Child Guidance Clinic, Prison board Committee, St John Honorary Police, St Mark's School, States of Jersey Police, Trinity Honorary Police, The Water's Edge Hotel, Probation [And After Care Service], Children's Office, Turners Court [Farm School], and the Sea Cadets. Names Children's Officer [Patricia Thornton], [Deputy Medical Officer of Health] Dr Joshua, Dr [J P F] Fogarty, Director of Education Mr [H C A] Wimberley, Dr Seymour Spencer, Dr Kahn, [Children's Officer] [Lucy] Faithfull, Mr Brindley, St Helier Boys' School Headmaster A A H Downer, Mr Gray, Deputy Judicial Greffier S W Bisson, [Haut de la Garenne Superintendent] [Colin] Tilbrook, [Haut de la Garenne Deputy Superintendent] Mr B Getliff, Viscount H V Benest, Mr Bailhache, Centenier Gallichan, Mrs Barclay, [Assistant Children's Officer] [C A] Smith, Mrs Peacock, Psychiatric Social Worker Miss Gummer, St Mark's School Headteacher Mr A B Carter, Detective Constable Le Gros, Mr James, Child Care Officer Mary Preece, Mr Williams, Mr Cohen, Mr Matcham, Mr [Ray] Williams, Mrs Williams, and Dr Harthan. Refers to boarding schools, Oxford, consultant psychiatrists, Constables, Attorneys General, court orders, St Helier, St John, Grands Vaux, and Parish Hall Enquiries.


Bessels Leigh School
Children's Services
Children's Office
Child Guidance Clinic
Children's Department
Education Committee (Children's Section)
Haut de la Garenne
Honorary Police
Historic Abuse Redress Scheme
Lacey Advocates
National Association of Mental Health
Public Health Services
Prison Board
Probation and After Care Service
Royal Court
Seebohm Committee
Sea Cadets
Swalcliffe Park School
St Helier Boys School
St Mark's School
States of Jersey Police
Social Services
States of Jersey
The Water's Edge Hotel
Turner's Court (institution)
Benest, H V
Bailhache, Mr
Brindley, Mr
Barclay, Mrs
Bisson, S W
Carter, A B
Cohen, Mr
Downer, A A H
Fogarty, J P F, Dr
Faithfull, Lucy, Baroness
Gallichan, Centenier
Gray, Mr
Getliff, Mr
Gummer, Miss
Harthan, Dr
James, Mr
Joshua, Dr
Kahn, Barbara, Dr
Matcham, Mr
Le Gros, Detective Constable
Spencer, Seymour, Dr
Preece, Mary
Peacock, Mrs
Thornton, Patricia
Tilbrook, Colin
Williams, Mr
Williams, Mrs
Williams, Ray
Wimberley, H C A


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