Digital copy of a Letter from H C Spratt, Consultant Paediatrician to Mr C Smith, Children's Officer concerning the youngest child of a family involved with Blanche Pierre Family Group Home. [Some details redacted].

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August 19th 1981 - August 19th 1981

Scope and Content

Outlines grounds for concern about the care of the child, referring to the social background and medical history of the parents, placement of the siblings into foster care and mother's failure to keep a number of antenatal appointments during the pregnancy. Includes comments about the condition and health of the child at birth, commenting on impact of smoking, alcohol and inadequate diet during pregnancy. Refers to the child's discharge from the Maternity Hospital and arrangements by Mrs Dore-Ford to monitor the baby's progress at home and at the Maternity Hospital. Refers to the child's admission to the General Hospital at the request of Dr Rymer following a history of vomiting and diarrhoea and subsequent assessment by Dr Tattersall about the mother's attitude to the child and parents' ability to cope with him, including a possible incident of physical abuse. Provides updates about the child's health upon discharge authorised by Dr Whitelaw, referring to admission to the hospital at rest of Dr Windebank and comments about the mother smelling of alcohol and being abusive towards nursing staff during hospital visits. States that weight of evidence suggest the likelihood of defective parents citing background psycho-social history of the parents, failures of parenting and bonding with the older children, response to authority of medical and social services personnel and weakness for alcohol reducing parenting capacity to unsafe levels. Outlines recommendation with regard to action to take in respect of safeguarding the child's welfare.


Doré-Ford, Marina
Lambert, P
Rymer, M, Dr
Smith, Charles
Spratt, Clifford, Dr
Tattersall, Dr
Whitelaw, Dr
Windebank, Dr
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Service
Infant Welfare Clinic
Jersey General Hospital
Maternity Hospital


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