Digital copy of Reports by Mr R Davenport, Child Care Officer on a family at Blanche Pierre Family Group Home. [Some details redacted].

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February 16th 1990 - June 28th 1990

Scope and Content

• Report dated 28 June 1990 about a second visit to [Blanche Pierre Family] Group Home since last recording. Comments on the impact of the removal of the Maguires from [Blanche Pierre Group Home] on the children remaining at the Group Home. Includes comments about the grieving process of siblings following their mother's death and discussion of approach of the [Children's] Service regarding the children's religion. Refers to the children's wishes to discontinue their attendance at St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, mentioning views of Father Collin and need for policy decision. Notes that the Maguires may hold differing viewpoints to other staff, discussion of possible course of action and involvement of advice of Mrs [Anne] Herrod, Senior Child Care Officer. Refers to recent school holiday in France for two children. • Report dated 1 June 1990 about several visits paid to [Blanche Pierre] Family Group Home during school half term. Refers to an outing to Millbrook Park and St Ouen's Beach on 31 May 1990, and remarks about the happiness of the children in the context of the impending departure of Mr and Mrs Maguire from the Family Group Home. Includes comments about the feelings of the children about the Maguires' exit, noting assurances given to one child that their departure was unrelated to his involvement in illicit drinking and abscondence. Refers to a Davies "Freedom" Bicycle advertised in a Freeman's catalogue that one of the children would like to purchase withe money from his Saturday job. Refers to remarks about one individual appearing pleased at the Maguires' exit. • Report dated 16 February 1990 about a visit to [Blanche Pierre] Family Group Home. Refers to Mr [Alan] Maguire and the children not being present when Mr Davenport visited the Group Home. Provides details of a conversation with Mrs [Jane] Maguire about the building of their new home in St Clement on a States Loan Scheme, noting its proximity to the Group Home. Also refers to a discussion about the children, outlining concerns expressed by Mrs Maguire about one girl's emotionally dependence and associated issues regarding personal holidays. Refers to the new planning for children in care set up. Includes discussion regarding possibility of a child requiring bereavement counselling, noting all children at the Group Home had suffered bereavements.


Collin, Father
Davenport, Richard
Herrod, Anne
Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Office
Children's Service
St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church


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