Digital copy of the Annual Report of Brig-y-don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home, 1988. [Some details redacted].

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1988 - 1988

Scope and Content

Names Patrons [Lieutenant Governor] Sir William Pillar, Sir Peter Crill, Sir Frank Ereaut, and Sir Robert Le Masurier. Names Patronesses the Countess of Jersey, and Mrs Edward Obbard. Names President Mrs D R Wagstaffe. Names Vice-Presidents Mrs Norah Bryan, Mr G F Trevor. Names Honorary Auditors as Messrs Alex Picot and Company. Names Honorary Treasurer Mr Tom A Foster. Names Honorary Secretary Mrs C J Garthwaite. Names Committee members Mrs C G O'Brien Butler, Mrs L C Thomas, Mr C A Smith, Dr A J Essex-Cater, Dr C Spratt, The Constable of St Clement, Mrs A Bernstein, Mr A Skinner, Mrs V Davis, and Mrs Denise Waller. Refers to the Children's Department, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and Mr Martin Garthwaite.


Alex Picot and Company
Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Children's Services
Children's Department
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Bernstein, A
Bryan, Norah
Crill, Sir Peter
Davis, V
Ereaut, Sir Frank
Essex-Cater, Anthony, Dr
Foster, Tom
Garthwaite, Caroline J
Garthwaite, Martin
Le Masurier, Sir Robert Hugh, Bailiff of Jersey 1962 - 1974
Obbard, Edward
Obbard, Mrs
O'Brien Butler, C G
Pillar, Sir William, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey
Smith, C A
Spratt, H Clifford, Dr
Skinner, Anton
Thomas, L C
Trevor, Gerald F
Wagstaffe, Daphne
Waller, Denise


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