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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Southampton on the SS Alberta on the 24th of June 1919

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June 24th 1919 - June 24th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Austin, Muller
Benn, Sylvester Munro
Le Cocq, Thomas
Le Cornu, John George
Le Cornu, Thomas Ernest
Francis, John Hacquoil
Hadley, Agnes Amelia
Hallam, Vincent James
Hamilton, Kathleen Munro
Hamilton, Stephen Haslam
Handford, Albert Henry
Handforth, Mabel Harriett
Harding, William Locke
Harris, William Holland
Harrison, Ewbank
Haynes, Eunice J B
Head, Clara Kathleen
Heath, Christopher James
Royal Garrison Artillery
Hellyer, Margaret Irene Lee
Hellyer, Maggie
Hepher, H G
Heroult, Albert Henry
Hodge, Robert William
Hodgson, Charles
Hogarth, Thomas J
Hubbard, Arthur
Hudson, Almerick Hugh
Hudson, Beryl Joan
Hughes, Chester Arthur
Ives, Ada Caroline
Ives, Agnes
Ives, Arthur James
Ives, Marjory Norah
Ives, Kate Norah
Jepson, Charles Joseph
Jepson, Violetta
Day, Maude Jeune
Ophelia, Mary Ann Jeune
Johnson, Edward John Martyn
Johnston, Charles Edward
Johnstone, Kathleen Crawford
Johnstone, Kathleen Mary
Keegan, Violet
Kelly, Charles Arthur
Keynton, Douglas George
Keynton, George William
Keynton, Sarah Elizabeth
King, Frederick George
King, John Thomas
King, Roderick
King, Rose
Labey, Beryl Avis
Lane, Beatrice Alice
Laurance, Henry Philip
Leatham, Albert Edward
Legg, Elsie May
Leigh, Louisa Maud
Lenfant, Stanley Hacquoil
Royal Navy
Lernihan, Mollie
Levander, Florence
Lewellyn, Richard
Lewington, Walter Ernest
Lewis, Banjamin Joseph
Lewis, Victor Stanley
Lion, Albert Peter
Lockyear, Alice
Lockyear, Ernest John Gregory
London, Percy George
Le Long, Germaine
Low, John
Low, Mabel
Loyer, Maria Amitie
Luce, William
Luxon, Percy Knight
Lyall, James
Mackie, Cicely Dunn
Mackie, Clare
Mackie, Holly Stuart
Mackie, Stewart Herbert
Mallet, Ernest John
Martin, John Samuel
Le Masurier, Phillip
McKiever, Bert
Melin, R E
Messiter, Charles Ashton
Miller, Martha Ellen
Minier, Ernest Francis
Misson, Philip
Mitton, Donald William
Moignard, Edward Francis Vibert
Moody, Herbert
Moor, Emily Brockell
Moor, Florence Marion
Moor, Lilly
Moor, Tom
Moore, Edith Elizabeth
Moorman, Charles
Moorman, Frank
Morgan, Wilfred James
Musselwhite, Annie
Nathan, Godfry
Nellist, Gertrude Annie
New, Barbara
Nicholls, Enid
Nicholls, Gladys
Nicolle, Alice
Nicolle, Ernest Theodore
Oliver, Dorothy Edith
Oliver, Robert
Le Rossignol, Elizabeth
Le Rossignol, Mavis
Le Rossignol, Gracie
Williams, John Musgrave


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