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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Southampton on the SS Alberta on the 24th of June 1919

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June 14th 1919 - June 25th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Louise, Annie Mary
Ogier, Hilda H M
Osborn, David Edward
Palmer, George
Palmer, George J
Palmer, Mary Ann
Palmer, Olive
Parker, Ida Mary, née Norris
Parker, William
Parsons, William James
Peel, Francis R J
Peel, Walter
Peel, Frank
Phillipo, Jan
Phillips, Frank
Phillips, Lillian
Picot, Frederick George
Picot, Walter David Le Brocq
Piggin, Annie Elizabeth
Poingdestre, Sydney Richard
Provost, Frank
Pulvermacher, Lizzie
Pulvermacher, Marcus
Pulvermacher, Paul
Quinn, Catherine
Quinn, George
Rattenbury, Ernest Frederick
Rattenbury, Maud Ellen
Rendall, Clara Jane
Revell, Tom
Richardson, Ernest Mansell
Richardson, Mabel Helen
Richardson, William Henry
Ridler, Florence Harriet
Rigg, Arthur Edmund
Rigg, Beatrice
Riglen, Charles Edward
Riglen, Mabel
Robins, Clarence Thomas
Saltmarsh, Alice
Sanders, Ellen
Sanders, James Jesse
Sanders, Thomas William
Royal Garrison Artillery
Schofield, Stanley G
Scrivens, Alice Mary
Seward, Brenda
Seward, Edwin
Sheener, Grace
Smith, Albert Morton
Smith, Arthur Frederic Mordaunt
Smith, Emily A
Smith, Joseph Ernest
Smith, Sidney Alexander
Spence, Norman Findley
Spencer, Herbert Charles
Squibb, J
Steer, Ernest James
Taylor, Robert Collingwood
Terry, Francis William
Thatcher, Doris
Thatcher, Jane
Thatcher, Walter Frederick
Threlfall, F
Threlfall, William Henry Jackson
Tourtel, Robert Henry
Tourtel, Rosa Blanche
Touzel, George Thomas
Touzel, Hilda
Townsend, Ada Gertrude
Townsend, Richard George
Tressard, Ernest
Tucker, Edith May
Tucker, Sidney Alfred
Turpin, James Robert
Turpin, Victor
Tyler, Frederick William
Vardon, Lydia
Vardon, Mary Maud
Walde, Henrietta Wilhelmina
Wallace, Emma Louise
Watson, George
Webber, Charles Henry
Webber, William George
Welch, Harold George
Weldon, Alfred
Wells, Edith Alice
Whitehead, Emily Grace
Williams-Ellis, Edric Sidney
Williams, George Emile
Wilson, George
Wilson, Gertrude
Wilson, Noel
Wing, Leonard
Wing, Louisa McDonald
Winter, Alfred George
Winters, Alfred Henry Harrold
Wise, Madeline Amelia
Wood, Angy
Wood, Charles
Wood, Eric
Worster, Albert Edward
Wright, H G
Wright, Millicent
Wyatt, Violet Edith Mary


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