Digital copy of Minutes of a Meeting of the [General Committee] of Brig-y-don. [Some details redacted].

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December 10th 1987 - December 10th 1987

Scope and Content

Lists Chairwoman Vice President Daphne Wagstaffe, Dr [Anthony] Essex-Cater, Children's Officer Anton Skinner, and others as present. Notes apologies from Senator Reverend Peter Manton, Charles Smith, and others. Matters arising from the Minutes: refers to Brig-y-don Heritage Trust, and improvements to the play area. Guest Speaker Anton Skinner, Children's Officer: refers to the Children's Office, residential child care, Children's Homes, Child Care Officers, Police, Family Centre Services, and staff. Chairman's Report: notes retirement of Senator Reverend Peter Manton from the position of President of the Committee, and his appointment as Patron. Refers to the founding of Brig-y-don, and the evolution of Brig-y-don's function in relation to childcare within the Jersey community. Notes services of staff and [members of the Committee]. Adoption of Report and Accounts and Reappointment of Auditors: Refers to Auditors Messrs Alex Picot and Company. Election of President: refers to Daphne Wagstaffe's appointment as President.


Alex Picot and Company
Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Brig-y-don Heritage Trust
Brig-y-Don Committee
Children's Office
Essex-Cater, Anthony, Dr
Manton, Peter, Reverend
Smith, C A
Skinner, Anton
Wagstaffe, Daphne


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