Digital copy of Minutes of a Meeting of the Brig-y-don Committee following the AGM [Annual General Meeting]. [Some details redacted].

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February 2nd 1993 - February 2nd 1993

Scope and Content

Lists Chairwoman [C J] Garthwaite, Dr [H Clifford] Spratt, and others as present, also noting apologies from other individuals. Report: refers to admissions, discharges, shared-care, and the Playgroup. Discusses difficulties for staff due to the increasing ages of residents, Maternity Leave, builders, flooding damage, baths, and dancing. Report: refers to accounts, Barclays International Bank, Harvest Barn Social Club, subscribers, Covenants, Bankers, Orders, Standing Orders, and funds. Any Other Business: refers to [Children's Officer] [Anton] Skinner's intention to phase out shared-care at Brig-y-don and instead establish a Day-Centre elsewhere to allow Brig-y-don to focus their attention on their current residents. Also refers to fostering, adoption, and a grant from the States of Jersey.


Barclay's Bank
Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Brig-y-Don Committee
Children's Services
Harvest Barn
Harvest Barn Social Club
States of Jersey
Spratt, H Clifford, Dr
Garthwaite, Caroline J
Skinner, A J


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