Digital copy of Minutes of General Committee Meeting of the Brig-y-don Committee. [Some details redacted].

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May 19th 2008 - May 19th 2008

Scope and Content

Lists Honorary Chairman Mrs Susie Pinel and others as present, noting apologies from other individuals. Matters Arising: refers to a [States of Jersey] grant, and the renovation of a flat at Sable D'Or. Report: refers to the maturation of investments. Children's Report: refers to the annual re-registration, inspections, National Minimum Standards, policies, procedures, a report by Andrew Williamson, St Peter's School Headteacher, Senator Jim Perchard, children, behaviour, admissions, discharges, fostering, Heathfield [Children's Home], outreach, daycare, transfers, adult special needs, assessments, and parents. Any Other Business: refers to a donation from the Daily Mail, resignation of staff, visits by the Lieutenant Governor, JEP [Jersey Evening Post], and finances. The Future of Brig-y-don: refers to correspondence from Senator Jim Perchard dated 12 May 2008 in response to a meeting of HSS [Health and Social Services] with Susie Pinel and others. Discusses future strategies for Brig-y-don Children's Home, mentioning maintaining Brig-y-don until the Brig-y-don Committee can no longer afford to do so, providing psychiatric care to children as recommended by HSS [Health and Social Services], or closing Brig-y-don Children's Home in the near future and focussing fundraising efforts on supporting Jersey children. Notes Brig-y-don's expertise in fostering and adoption. Refers to likelihood that La Préférence [Children's Home] and Heathfield [Children's Home] will close in the near future. Discusses difficulties providing a Service Level Agreement between [Health and Social Services] and the Brig-y-don Committee.


Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Brig-y-Don Committee
Children's Services
Daily Mail
Health and Social Services
Heathfield Children's Home
Jersey Evening Post
La Préférence Children's Home
St Peter's School
States of Jersey
Pinel, Susie
Perchard, Jim
Williamson, Andrew


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