Digital copy of the Fostering Officer's Review of Boarding Out Allowances by D J C [David Castledine, Child Care Officer].

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June 22nd 1988 - June 22nd 1988

Scope and Content

Describes assistance received from Dr Milner and Mrs Marett, co-opted members of the Children's Sub-Committee, to produce a detailed study of allowances paid to foster parents. Refers to the original allowances at the commencement of the Children's Office as having been based on comparison to several mainland authorities, referring to growth of the National Foster Care Association since 1959. Outlines reasons for agreement that a comparison with the National Foster Care Association rates was justified, referring to annual survey of family expenditure in the Employment Gazette, contact with the Economic Advisers Office and reference to increased cost of food and clothing in Jersey. Refers to difference in costs relating to younger children and older children still in full-time education and includes tables comparing rates in Jersey to the 1988 National Foster Care Association recommendations. Provides details of increase in Boarding Out Allowances relating to children in long-term care and recommendations relating to birthday and holiday allowance. Outlines assistance provided by Dr Milner and Mrs Marett.


Castledine, David
Marett, Mrs
Milner, Dr
Children's Department
Children's Office
Children's Sub-Committee
Department of Employment
Economic Adviser's Office
Employment Gazette
National Foster Care Association


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