Digital copy of the Transcript of a tape recorded interview with a former Blanche Pierre Family Group Home resident in the interview room at Rouge Bouillon Police Station in the presence of Woman Detective Constable Rani Vivian and the officer in charge at La Préférence Children's Home. [Some details redacted].

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June 9th 1997 - June 9th 1997

Scope and Content

Starts with an overview of the former resident's background. Gives details such as age, residence at La Préférence, attendance at Highlands College, GCSE qualifications, and part-time employment and apprenticeship since leaving school. Describes mistreatment by Jane and Alan Maguire whilst in residence at Le Squez [Blanche Pierre] Family Group Home up to the age of 10, and life with the Maguires for 2 years after. Recollections of other children in residence at the time, including one boy who left for Heathfield. Descriptions of physical abuse and neglect by members of staff at Blanche Pierre, primarily by Alan Maguire, starting when the former resident was aged 9 or 10. Mentions force feeding, use of soap in punishment and corporal punishment administered with wooden spoons and slippers. Describes physical symptoms of abuse including bruising. Also includes recollections of emotional abuse by Jane Maguire. Refers to incident whereby the former resident assaulted a female, mentioning Brenda Chappelle [Brenda Chappell], and the Education [Department]. Describes leaving Blanche Pierre and moving to La Préférence. Recollections of interactions with Alan and Jane Maguire since leaving their care, mentioning Alan's cancer diagnosis and Jane shunning the former resident. States Jane Maguire made deliebrate attempts to have the former resident removed from school. Includes a conversation between the former resident and the officer in charge at La Préférence whilst Rani Vivian has left the interview room. Mentions the former resident being given £20 by the officer in charge to purchase a walkman. Discusses incident whereby the former resident threatened Jane Maguire with a knife, and assaulted an individual. Also includes recollections of positive experiences whilst in residence at Blanche Pierre, mentioning tobogganing at the sand dunes [Les Blanches Banques] and camping trips to Beaumont or Rozel. Refers to close friendship with another girl in residence, mentioning an incident of possible sexual abuse towards the girl by Alan Maguire on a camping trip. Informed of incident recently after girl's admission to an institution.


Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Services
Education Committee
Education Department
Education Committee (Children's Section)
Funland Limited
Heathfield Children's Centre
La Préférence Children's Home
States of Jersey Police
Chappell, Brenda
Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Vivian, Rani, Police Constable


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