Digital copy of Correspondence about the registration of aliens as childminders and the fostering of alien children. [Some details redacted].

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May 21st 1971 - June 30th 1971

Scope and Content

• Letter dated 30 June 1971 from the Director of Education to A J Le Brun, Chief Aliens Officer for the attention of Mr Journeaux concerning the policy of the Defence Committee regarding aliens being self-employed as childminders. Notes that it is the Defence Committee's policy not to issue permits to aliens who apply to daily mind more than two children and subsequent notification of the Children's Officer. • Letter from Mr Journeaux, Deputy Chief Aliens Officer to Mr Wimberley, Director of Education concerning the registration of aliens as childminders. Acknowledges action taken by the Education Department to ensure the Children's Office will refers future applications for registration of aliens as childminders for clearance. Outlines general policy of the Defence Committee that aliens who are not the spouses of British subjects are not normally permitted to set up a business or profession on their own account until they have acquired eight years satisfactory residence in Jersey. Includes comments about allowing foreign wives of aliens employed in Jersey to supplement the family income. Notes subsequent examination of the question of childminding and assertion that an alien may childmind up to two children according to Defence Committee policy. • Letter dated 28 May 1971 from the Children's Officer to A J Le Brun, Chief Aliens Officer concerning fostering and alien children. Includes comments about policy regarding fostering and alien children, outlining duty of the Children's Officer to assist alien parents if their child is born in Jersey and therefore British. Requests clarification regarding a ruling made regarding other alien children. • Memorandum dated 21 May 1971 from Mrs M F Smart, Child Care Officer to Miss P L Thornton [Children's Officer] concerning foster home aliens. Provides details of a discussion about an alien child with Mr Baudains of the Alien's Department, commenting on policy regarding alien children. States understanding that aliens whose children are not born in Jersey may not place children in foster homes. States that aliens may bring into Jersey up to two children and accommodation should be provided by the farmer or the parents be in danger of losing the work permit. Describes being informed by Mr Baudains of a recent change of policy whereby the Alien's Department waived the regulation regarding a qualifying period before aliens were permitted to place their children in foster homes due to increasing number of children coming into Jersey.


Baudains, Mr
Journeaux, Mr
Le Brun, A J
Smart, Mary Frances
Thornton, Patricia
Wimberley, H C A
Aliens Office
Children's Department
Children's Office
Defence Committee
Education Committee
Education Department


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