Digital copy of Pages 1 and 12-16 of the Transcript of a Tape Recorded Interview with an individual in Interview Room 4 at Rouge Bouillon Police Station conducted by Civilian Investigator Mark Cane in the presence of Detective Sergeant Andrew Smith and Advocate Paul Nicholls, Walkers Solicitors. Refers to Witness 167. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 167's Witness Statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/12.

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September 11th 2009 - September 11th 2009

Scope and Content

Provides details about the interview and the individual being interviewed, noting that he was born in 1947 and naming Advocate Paul Nicholls of Walkers as his legal representative. Individual provides no comment throughout the interview to questions relating to: his children's residence at Haut de la Garenne; application for custody of his children and stepchildren; taking his own children and stepdaughter from Haut de la Garenne out in his car; recollections of a car journey where he is alleged to have taken his stepdaughter and Witness 167 back to Haut de la Garenne; and allegations by his stepdaughter and Witness 167 that they had been sexually abused by him. Refers to assertions by Witness 167 that she was told by the stepdaughter not to get in the front passenger seat during the journey but proceeded to do. Outlines allegations that the individual then sexually abused Witness 167, noting that both Witness 167 and the individual's stepdaughter recall the incident. Also refers to disclosure by the stepdaughter to Witness 167 that she had been sexually abused by the individual over a number of years, hence advise given to Witness 167 not to get in the front seat of the car with the individual. Refers to a complaint made by the stepdaughter in 1981 against the individual that he had raped her when she was 14, noting that the Police have documentary proof that the complaint was reported at Rouge Bouillon Police Station and that the individual was interviewed. Notes that the stepdaughter was taken to the Police Station by staff at the Home after they discovered that she was having underage sex, noting during this process she disclosed that she had been raped previously by the individual, referring to comments from the police doctor's statement. Includes a series of allegations put to the individual by Civilian Investigator Cane about the individual's sexual preference, grooming and systematic sexual abuse of his stepdaughter and Witness 167, and allegations of abuse against other females, highlighting his conviction of sexual abuse on a female in 1992.


Cane, Mark, Civilian Investigator
Nicholls, Paul, Advocate
Smith, Andrew, Detective Sergeant
Haut de la Garenne
Operation Rectangle
States of Jersey Police
Walkers Solicitors


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