Digital copy of Case Notes by a Child Care Officer concerning Witness 167's foster home placement. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 167's Witness Statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/12.

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February 27th 1980 - March 11th 1980

Scope and Content

• Case Note dated [27] February 1980 concerning a telephone call from [Witness 167's foster mother] requesting urgent visit. Describes being informed by the foster mother that Witness 167 and a schoolfriend had truanted. Includes comments about the girls' movements during period of truancy, outlining concerns that the girls had spent some time at the home of a woman of whom Witness 167 had remarked was alcoholic. Refers to the girls' relationship with the woman and acquitance with her son and remarks about Witness 167's embarrassment and remorse regarding the incident. Provides details of a discussion with Mrs [Madeline] Bird, Child Care Officer and arrangements for Mrs Bird to see the woman and advise her against entertaining schoolchildren in her home in schooltime. Also refers to a conversation with Witness 167 about her feeling restricted by her foster parents and subsequent agreement foster parents to allow Witness 167 more responsibility and allow her to attend the parish disco once a week on a trust basis. • Case Note dated [10] March 1980 concerning a telephone call from [Witness 167's foster mother]. Refers to Witness 167 being picked up by the Police under the influence of drink and being admitted to the Hospital to have her stomach pumped, resulting in her being off school. Provides details subsequent enquiries and investigation by the Police regarding the incident involving Witness 167, noting admission by Witness 167 that she had stolen bottles of alcohol with a schoolfriend from a supermarket. Notes that the other girl was caught shoplifting in November 1979 and warned as to future behaviour. Includes remarks about the feelings of [Witness 167's foster parents], noting need for a lot of work to hold Witness 167 at home. Outlines intentions to visit the home on 11 March 1980 to see the family to try and identify and help solve current difficulties. • Case Note dated [11] March 1980 concerning a home visit to Witness 167's foster home. Describes atmosphere at the home, referring to family developments and remarks about relationship between Witness 167 and other occupants in the home. Notes plans for one of the occupants to leave the home with their baby. Refers to Sergeant Bond and Woman Police Constable Elliott arriving during the visit to tie up their investigations, noting likelihood that Witness 167 and the other girl will be charged and appear in the Juvenile Court. Includes comments about relationship between Witness 167 and [her foster mother] following the incident.


Bird, Madeline
Bond, Sergeant
Elliott, Christine, Woman Police Constable
Children's Office
Education Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Juvenile Court
States of Jersey Police


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