Digital copy of Documents relating to Witness 167's transfer from Haut de la Garenne to the care of her foster parents. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 167's Witness Statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/12.

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August 27th 1980 - August 31st 1980

Scope and Content

• Change Report dated 27 August 1980. Concerns a change of placement of Witness 167 from Haut de la Garenne to foster parents with effect from 15 August 1980. Includes details of action taken. • Case Note dated 28 August 1980. Provides details of a home visit to [the daughter of Witness 167's foster parents]. Refers to a conversation about the stressful impact of hostilities between her and Witness 167, referring to lack of contact between her and her mother since leaving home. Describes inclination of [the daughter of Witness 167's foster parents] towards reconciliation and arrangements made to encourage this. Provides details of a home visit to [Witness 167's foster mother]. Describes [the foster mother's] willingness to visit her daughter and refers to making clear to Witness 167 to be pleasant should [the daughter] in turn visit, outlining hope that relationships between them improve. Includes remarks about Witness 167's progress at home, outlining hopefulness that she remain at home and a return to Haut de la Garenne prove inappropriate. Also includes remarks about [Witness 167's sibling's] behaviour, referring to his unemployment, frequent liaisons with [the daughter of Witness 167's foster parents] and receipt of an letter from Careers inviting them to an interview. • Case Note dated August 1980. Refers to a phone call from [Witness 167's foster mother] notifying the Child Care Officer of improvements regarding the situation after her having seen [her daughter]. Refers to a visit to Clos des Sables on other business, noting that Witness 167 was there having linked up with a child in care there. Describes conversation with a member of staff at Clos des Sables requesting that they monitor the liaison between Witness 167 and the other child. • Case Note dated August 1980. Refers to a telephone message from [the daughter of Witness 167's foster parents] in confidence notifying that [Witness 167's foster mother] had suffered a nervous breakdown. Describes conversation with a member of staff about Witness 167's actions to staying out later than authorised and response of [the foster mother]. Notes denial that the breakdown had occurred because of Witness 167's actions and comments by [Witness 167's foster father] stating that his wife had asked that Witness 167 be allowed to stay at home and not return to Haut de la Garenne. Refers to discussion of the fostering situation with Mrs [Brenda] Chappell, Senior Child Care Officer and the Children's Officer in respect of Witness 167 [and her sibling] being supervised solely by [the foster father], and agreement that Witness 167 be returned to Haut de la Garenne. Notes recommendation of a change of group due to [another child] and arrangements for Witness 167's re-admission to Haut de la Garenne via the new Reception Group.


Chappell, Brenda
Gulliver, Mrs
Careers Office
Children's Office
Education Committee
Haut de la Garenne
Social Security Department
States Treasury


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