Digital copy of Documents relating to Witness 167's involvement in criminal offences. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 167's Witness Statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/12.

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May 1st 1980 - May 31st 1980

Scope and Content

• Case Note dated May 1980. Describes being informed by Mrs [Brenda] Chappell of Mr [A J] Marks' visit to Haut de la Garenne, noting instruction that any arrangements for Witness 167 spend the weekend with [her foster parents] be cancelled. Provides details of a meeting with Mrs Chappell and Mr [Don] McGregor, Headteacher, Le Rocquier [School] regarding the situation noting that if Witness 167 had admitted that she had had sexual intercourse then the matter must be reported to the Police for investigation. Notes agreement by Mr McGregor to discuss the matter with Mr Marks and subsequent confirmation by Mr Marks that Witness 167 had disclosed to him that she had had sexual intercourse, and note stating that the matter will be reported to the Police and all information passed on accordingly by Mrs Chappell. • Case Notes dated May 1980. Describes a visit to Haut de la Garenne to discuss with Witness 167 her commitment to spending a weekend at home with her foster parents. Includes remarks about how Witness 167 came across during the interview, suggesting reasons for her attitude mentioning her discussion of personal problems with Mr Marks at Le Rocquier School. Notes that Witness 167 stated that she wished to go home for the weekend, commenting on her attitude towards her foster parents. Notes that Witness 167 did not go home for the weekend, noting that she changed her mind about doing so and the [Children's] Department suspended the home leave because of investigations pending regarding Witness 167 which may result in police intervention. • Newscutting of an article entitled Girl, 13, drunk on stolen [redacted]: Juvenile shoplifting 'ring' uncovered. Refers to 8 children from the same secondary school involving in a shoplifting ring of 23 juveniles appearing in the Juvenile Court and 2 teenage girls failing to appear in the Police Court to answer shoplifting charges. Refers to the headmaster of the school appearing in court and admissions of offences by various children involved including theft and drunkenness. Refers to girls who stole goods the day after being charged by Centenier Harry Baudains for other offences, noting that one girl was put on probatoin and the other accused were bound over to be of good behaviour. Also includes details about the non-local girls who failed to appear in the Police Court noting reasons given for their absence and order by Mr L A Wilde, Magistrate. Also refers to a boy who admitted stealing from another's boy's home whilst truanting from school. • Case Note dated May 1980. Provides details of a telephone call from [Witness 167's foster father] noting request by [Witness 167's foster parents] that Witness 167 return to them as soon as possible following the conclusion of court proceedings. Notes willingness by both Witness 167 and [her foster parents] for her to return home from Haut de la Garenne, noting decision to allow Witness 167 to go home for the weekend as an interim measure. • Children's Office Report for Juvenile Court regarding Witness 167. Signed by R Davenport, Child Care Officer on 1 May 1980. Refers to Witness 167's residence at Haut de la Garenne and attendance at Le Rocquier School. Provides background details about Witness 167, referring to birth at the Jersey Maternity Hospital, [sibling's] placement with foster parents and then Haut de la Garenne in September 1966 and transfer to foster parents in December 1967 and Witness 167's placement with foster parents pending adoption before mother changed her mind and Witness 167 was transferred to Haut de la Garenne. Includes details about Witness 167's parents and foster parents, referring to foster mother's previous employment at Haut de la Garenne. Refers to Witness 167 and her sibling being made subjects of Parental Rights Orders in 1970, noting lack of contact from mother since. Includes comments about the foster parents, suitability of the foster placement and remarks about the happiness of the children. Refers to Witness 167's involvement in a number of shoplifiting incidents and truancy from school, referring to a generation gap. Also refers to an incident where Witness 167 stole alcohol from a local supermarket, consumed said alcohol and became intoxicated and was apprehended by the Police and charged at St Clement's Parish Hall by Centenier Baudain to appear at Juvenile Court. Notes that the day after Witness 167 and others were caught shoplifting from a shop, noting that [her foster parents] were no longer prepared to have Witness 167 remain with them resulting in her transfer to Haut de la Garenne. Includes comments about Witness 167's behaviour at Haut de la Garenne, Witness 167's relationship with her foster parents and describes remorse and guilt shown by Witness 167 for her stealing. Notes that this is Witness 167's first court apperance. Includes remarks about her physical health, academic achievement and receipt of pocket money. Notes recommendation that Witness 167 be bound over to be of good behaviour. • School Report for Juvenile Court regarding Witness 167. Signed by A J Marks, Head of Lower School and the Head Teacher, Le Rocquier School on 1 May 1980. Includes remarks about Witness 167's educational ability and attainment, general character and school conduct, quality of relationships within the school, health and physical standards and parental attitudes. Also includes a general assessment about Witness 167 by A J Marks, noting concerns about her being morally at risk before the shoplifting started following disclosure by her that she had formed an association with an ex-pupil which he suspected to be more than platonic. Includes remarks about possible reasons or motives behind Witness 167's behaviour and actions including drinking and shoplifting as a means of getting out of home into Haut de la Garenne. Recommends that Witness 167 be separated from the boy until such a time that she may be rehabilitated. • Superintendent's Report regarding Witness 167. Signed by J Thomson, Superintendent on 12 May 1980. Refers to Witness 167's admission to Haut de la Garenne on 28 Match 1980 following a breakdown in her foster home placement. Includes remarks about her behaviour since admission, physical health, attitude, maturity, relationship with staff and other children, attitude towards boys and intelligence. Also includes comments about problems, mentioning the relationship with her foster parents, particularly her foster mother. Notes Witness 167's desire to return to her foster parents and make a fresh start, noting need to address problem of communication between herself and her foster mother. Includes concluding remarks about Witness 167's maturity and attitude and an assessment of the situation regarding her foster parents.


Baudains, Harry, Centenier
Chappell, Brenda
Davenport, Richard
Marks, A J
McGregor, Don
Thomson, Jim
Wilde, L A
Children's Office
Education Committee
Haut de la Garenne
Juvenile Court
Jersey General Hospital
Le Rocquier School
Maternity Hospital
Police Court
St Clement's Parish Hall
States of Jersey Police


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