Digital copy of Part 5 of a Tape Recorded Interview with Witness 281 in Interview Room 4 at Rouge Bouillon Police Station conducted by Detective Constable Shane Evans in the presence of Detective Constable Dave O’Grady. [Some details redacted].

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June 24th 2008 - June 24th 2008

Scope and Content

Interview begins with Witness 281 confirming his full name and date of birth, noting that he was born in 1938. Notes reminder given to Witness 281 regarding his right to free and independent legal advice, noting his decision to decline. States that Witness 281 is under caution, noting his understanding that he is not obliged to say anything unless he wishes to do so but that what he does say is recorded and may be given in evidence. Includes discussion about [a girl at the Family Group Home], including remarks about her behaviour and personality. Refutes claims by her that her time at the Family Group Home was horrible, stating that none of the children ever complained about being unhappy. Denies allegation that he hit [the girl] with a yellow bat. Denies allegation that all of the foster children were regularly made to line up by [Witness 281’s wife] and were hit by Witness 281 until someone owned up to doing something, referring to an alleged incident involving biscuits going missing. Refutes claims that there was an oppressive regime of discipline in the house, reiterating belief that allegations against [him and his wife] are financially motivated. Includes comments by Detective Constable O’Grady about there being similar accounts of abuse from multiple individuals [who were residents of the Family Group Home] and Witness 281’s denial of allegations of abuse made against him. Denies allegations that he would hit the children on the knuckles with a knife during dinner time and that children would be sent to bed without eating. Includes remarks about [a girl] who regularly fainted and comments about her allegations about the children being put in the shoe cupboard for long periods as a punishment. Comments on remarks by [the girl] about the day she left the foster home and Jersey to live with his mother being the happiest day of his life because of her mistreatment and physical abuse by Witness 281 [and his wife]. Asserts that the children were given a good upbringing, a safe home and were treated well. States that the allegations of abuse made against him and his wife are completely wrong and fabricated. Includes comments by Detective Constable O’Grady providing details of a conversation with [one former resident] with whom Witness 281 is still in contact wherein he jokingly referred to Witness 281 as Ian Botham because he used to be handy with a bat. Includes Witness 281’s response to assertion that this account corroborates allegations that he hit the children with a bat, stating to have no recollection of beating any of the children. Notes that this former resident stated that these incidents did happen but that he did not want to make a complaint about it like his siblings. Asserts that discipline consisted of talking to the children about their behaviour and the occasional smack, stating that violence was against the whole philosophy and purpose of [he and his wife] being at [the Family Group Home]. Includes comments about the financial side of [running the Family Group Home], recalling that they did not receive a lot of money, referring to occasional money shortages. Includes reference by Detective Constable O’Grady about an incident where [one of children] got a bruise, stating that one of the [Child Care] Officers [I C] Hogan made enquiries at St Luke’s School and spoke to the children’s class teachers, referring to Mr Shepherd. Refers to the teachers stating that the children often talked about being hit on the head and that Witness 281 and his wife were interviewed by Pat Thornton, Charles Smith and Brenda Rickards/Chappell regarding the injuries to the child. Refers to Witness 281 stating that he has no recollection of such an interview and to have no understanding that this incident was part of the reason why his wife retired. Denies allegations that he beat the children and questions concern by a teacher at St Luke’s School that none of the children were allowed to join in any outside organisations or even the school library club, stating that the children were in the scouts and the guides. Includes comments about the children’s parents letting their children down and the children subsequently blaming [him and his wife] rather than their parents. States to have no awareness that [one of the girls] attempted to commit suicide by overdose due to being unhappy after his wife had taken her to the doctor and she was prescribed medication.


Botham, Ian
Chappell, Brenda
Evans, Shane, Detective Constable
Hogan, I C
O'Grady, Dave, Detective Constable
Shepherd, Mr
Smith, Charles
Thornton, Patricia
Children's Office
Children's Services
Operation Rectangle
St Luke's School
States of Jersey Police


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