Digital copy of Exhibit 4: Witness 627's Witness Statement to the States of Jersey Police providing an account of his experiences in care at Les Chênes Residential School. Signature witnessed by Detective Constable [Shane] Evans. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 110's Witness Statement to the Inquiry [C/D/AW2/B1/4/WS000586].

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August 25th 2008 - August 25th 2008

Scope and Content

Background and Home Life Provides details of assault on a Portuguese man in Parade Gardens in July 2000 that led to his arrest and remand at Les Chênes Residential School. Les Chênes States that he was acquitted of grave and criminal assault on trial but was sentenced to remand to Les Chênes for three years due to other offences committed. Recalls transport to Les Chênes from the Court in the prison van. Describes initial meetings with staff at Les Chênes, and placement in solitary confinement in the secure cells upon arrival. Includes a description of the cell and sleeping provision therein and refers to restrictions on reading material and comments about access to food, toilet and education. Refers to the gym at Les Chênes. Recalls frequent instances of abscondence from Les Chênes, recalling instance where he went to Grands Vaux and was subsequently placed into secure from the 30 August to the middle of October. Includes a description of the points system in operation at Les Chênes, stating that there were 10 different stages to the system and that points could be traded for privileges such as weekend leave. Abuse and Consequences Provides details of an incident of physical assault by Witness 110 following an argument with a female member of staff. Recalls that the incident was witnessed by Cathy [Kathie] Bull as well as other members of staff and other residents. Recalls leaving Les Chênes for his mother’s house. Refers to his mother taking him to Doctor James Hugh as a result of the injuries sustained. Describes of an incident of indecent exposure by [a male member of staff] whilst he and another resident were using the gym. Also recalls that he and another resident were sexually abused by this member of staff in the gym, stating that this incident was reported to the Police and investigated by Brian Carter. Also provides details of physical assaults on residents by Les Chênes staff. Events since leaving Care Refers to difficulties with paranoia and problems with education as a result of his period of residency at Les Chênes. Notes medication prescribed, and meetings with psychiatrists, naming John Gordon and Caroline Cavelly [Carolyn Coverley]. Refers to mental health difficulties, mentioning depression. Wishes to make a complaint regarding sexual abuse by a member of Les Chênes staff. Requests investigation by the Police into why he spent a long period locked in secure at Les Chênes. Names current doctor as Dr Marston-Smith of Indigo House Surgery, Gas Place. Provides permission for the Police to access his medical records in relation to an incident of physical assault at Les Chênes.


Bull, Kathie, Dr
Carter, Brian
Coverley, Carolyn, Dr
Evans, Shane, Detective Constable
Gordon, John
Hugh, James, Dr
Marson-Smith, Roger, Doctor
Newman, M, Detective Constable
Children's Services
Indigo House Surgery
Les Chênes Residential School
Operation Rectangle
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police


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