Digital copy of [Part 1] of the transcript of a Tape Recorded Interview with Witness 812 in Interview Room 4 at States of Jersey Police's Staton at Rouge Bouillon. Refers to presence of Detective Sergeant David Hill and Civilian Investigator Neil Milner. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 812's statements see C/D/AW2/B1/18.

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March 30th 2010 - March 30th 2010

Scope and Content

Refers to offences of neglect, obstruction, and attempting to pervert the course of justice against Witness 812. Notes that offences against Witness 812 have arisen out of an investigation of allegations of sexual abuse made by Witness 812's adopted son against [a man living with Witness 812]. Provides background to allegations. Refers to [Police] informing Witness 812 of allegations made against the man by Witness 812's adopted son, and measures to be put in place by Witness 812 in order to protect her adopted son. Notes that in early stages of investigation, Police did not want to alert the man to allegations against him until they were in a position to speak to him. Refers to having arrested the man shortly after speaking to Witness 812, and mentions that the man is living with Witness 812. Refers to arrest of the man, and the man's denial of sexual contact with Witness 812's adopted son. Refers to seizure of computer equipment from the man's home address, and the man's release after inital interview due to his denial of the allegations. Notes recovery of further evidence to support allegations made against the man, and the man's second arrest on 29 March 2010. Refers to questions to be put to Witness 812 to ascertain how her adopted son and the man each came to be part of her family, mentioning the man's relationship with an individual. Provides details of Witness 812's fostering history and fostering arrangements. Refers to Children's Services, epilepsy, private fostering arrangements, strokes, Social Services, La Chasse Nursery, [HM] Prison, [La Moye], Plat Douet School, and Le Rocquier School. Describes circumstances concerning the man's introduction to Witness 812's family home, mentioning Witness 812's knowledge of the man's personal circumstances, and the man's move into the family home due to poor health and time in prison. Refers to the man sleeping in Witness 812's living room. Describes the man's relationship with [Witness 812's adopted son] as brotherly. Refers to the man's prison sentence, and move into Witness 812's home thereafter. Refers to an incident involving Witness 812's house, noting the presence of [Witness 812's adopted son] and the man in the house at the time. Refers to Witness 813's husband having left for work, and the man getting ready to sort out paint for his motorcycle. Confirms the presence of the man and [Witness 812's adopted son] in the house. Provides description of a normal day's routine, mentioning the man's presence in bed, and Witness 813's husband's transport of a child to her parents, also mentioning First Tower School. Refers to the man going out of the house if he had arrangements. Refers to Witness 812's husband leaving the house at half seven in the morning. Refers to sleeping arrangements at Witness 812's house, mentioning the man's presence downstairs, Witness 812 and her husband's room, and the man's seperation from his girlfriend. Refers to [Witness 812's adopted son] requesting to share a room with the man, noting [Witness 812's adopted son's] self harming behaviour. Provides details of sleeping arrangements whilst the man and [Witness 812's adopted son] shared a room. Refers to the man spending time talking to [Witness 812's adopted son] about running away, self harm, drugs, and drinking. Recalls speaking to the man about his relationship with [Witness 812's adopted son], mentioning protectiveness. Refers to move to a three bedroomed house, providing details of bedroom arrangements. Mentions room shared by Witness 812 and her husband, and a room shared by [Witness 812's adopted son] and the man. Notes [adopted son's] suggestion that he would not move to the new property unless the man shared the room with [Witness 812's adopted son]. Recalls that the man would sleep on the couch on occasions. Recalls the man and his girlfriend splitting up in October. Provides details of circumstances leading to the transfer of ownership of Witness 812 and her husband's house to that of the man. Notes that Witness 812's family did not pay the man rent. Questions what the situation would be if the man decided to move out. Refers to queries about the man's money from the house. Refers to the man's possessions in the house, and money stolen from the man. Refers to having been temporarily rehoused, along with the man. Notes the man staying in the same room as [Witness 812's adopted son]. Provides details of circumstances leading up to the man moving out of Witness 812's family home, mentioning money going missing. Notes that the man kept is portion of insurance money in the bank. Refers to the man taking his wallet to bed at night. [For Parts 2 and 3 of this Tape Recorded Interview with Witness 812, see C/D/AW2/A1/16/WD006036 and C/D/AW2/A1/16/WD006037 respectively].


Children's Services
Community Services Department
First Tower School
HM Prison, La Moye
Le Rocquier School
La Chasse Centre
Public Protection Unit
Plat Douet School
States of Jersey Police
Social Services
Hill, David, Detective Sergeant
Milner, Neil, Civilian Investigator


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