Digital copy of [Part 2] of the transcript of a Tape Recorded Interview with Witness 812 in Interview Room 4 at States of Jersey Police's Staton at Rouge Bouillon. Refers to presence of Detective Sergeant David Hill and Civilian Investigator Neil Milner. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 812's statements see C/D/AW2/B1/18.

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March 30th 2010 - March 30th 2010

Scope and Content

Refers to financial difficulties, and the intervention of a man living with Witness 812 who has been accused of the sexual abuse of Witness 812's adopted son. Refers to Witness 812's family home belonging to the man for the man's life time. Refers to Witness 812's adopted son's behaviour, mentioning truancy, theft, and drugs. Notes the man's ability to convince Witness 812's adopted son to return to the family home. Comments on possibility that the man talked to Witness 812's adopted son about the man's own past. Refers to the man as being unemployed, and comments on financial arrangements between the man and Witness 812. Refers to Witness 812's employment, mentioning Highlands. Comments on possibility that Witness 812 and her family would have lost their house if not for money provided by the man. Queries how Witness 812 afforded to provide for the man without extra financial means. Comments that Witness 812 has always provided food for others, noting the man's previous ill health. Comments to the extent to which the man benefitted from living with Witness 812's family without paying rent. Queries situation leading to the man owning Witness 812's family home. Refers to the man being on validity benefits [incapacity benefits]. Refers to the man as someone who had previously had a relationship with an individual known to Witness 812, and discussions with the man about Witness 812's adopted son's behaviour and health. Refers to Le Rocquier School. Refers to Witness 812, the man, Witness 812's son, and others staying in Witness 812's house during June 2008. Refers to [Jersey College for Girls] and First Tower School. Refers to the man acting in an almost parental capacity with regards to Witness 812's adopted son. Refers to visits by Witness 812's adopted son to the Doctor, mentioning self harm, and CAMHS [Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services]. Refers to the man accompanying Witness 812's adopted son to the Doctor, but not being present during the adopted son's appointment. Recalls driving to the Doctor's with the man in the car, and Witness 812 and the man staying in the car whilst the adopted son and his birth father went into the hospital. Recalls Witness 812 and the man leaving the adopted son and his birth father at the hospital. Recalls that after the hospital appointment the man and Witness 812's family were waiting for Witness 812's adopted son. Comments on concerns regarding the man's behaviour held by Police, and Witness 812's defence of the man as a friend and son. Notes that Witness 812 does not believe the man has abused her adopted son. Queries the extent to which Witness 812 discussed concerns for her adopted son with the man. Refers to instance where Witness 812 asked the man if he had sexually abused Witness 812's adopted son. Queries the extent to which Witness 812 was in contact with the man following her knowledge of her adopted son's disclosure to Police regarding sexual abuse by the man, mentioning that both Witness 812 and the man both told each other about accusations made by the man. Notes Witness 812's referral to an accusation of perverting the course of justice, discussions with the man, and her belief in the man's innocence. Notes Witness 812's statement that she did not speak to the man. Refers to Witness 812's discussions with the man following the man being interviewed by Police. Comments on arrest of the man dated 26 February, and further investigations. Refers to the man's computer at his flat, and the disposal of material relevant to the enquiry. Notes the theft of money from the man's flat. Refers to Witness 812's adopted son's allegation of sexual assault regarding the man. Refers to the man visiting Witness 812's family for tea, and the discussion around the dinner table. Comments on Witness 812's knowledge about expensive gifts bought for her adopted son by the man, mentioning the replacement of a phone by the man, Witness 812 repaying the man with insurance money. Notes financial difficulties faced by Witness 812's family, a conversation with the man, and the man's replacement of [the adopted son's] clothes. Refers to Witness 812 repaying the man when insurance money became available. Comments on generosity shown to the adopted son by the man, mentioning the purchase of a bicycle, clothing, food. Notes that purchases have been corroborated during interviews with the man. Notes description of the man's relationship with Witness 812's adopted son, mentioning lenient behaviour, and gifts otherwise not available to the adopted son. Refers to charging of the man with sexual offences against the adopted son. Refers to the man's denial of sexual abuse, and comments on purchases made by the man for the adopted son. Notes Witness 812's decision to believe the word of the man, and her description of her adopted son as a liar. Comments that a legal adviser raised no objections to charges being put to the man. [For Parts 1 and 3 of this Tape Recorded Interview with Witness 812, see C/D/AW2/A1/16/WD006035 and C/D/AW2/A1/16/WD006037 respectively].


Children's Services
First Tower School
Jersey College for Girls
Le Rocquier School
Public Protection Unit
States of Jersey Police
Social Services
Hill, David, Detective Sergeant
Milner, Neil, Civilian Investigator


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