Digital copy of [Part 3] of the transcript of a Tape Recorded Interview with Witness 812 in Interview Room 4 at States of Jersey Police's Staton at Rouge Bouillon. Refers to presence of Detective Sergeant David Hill and Civilian Investigator Neil Milner. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 812's statements see C/D/AW2/B1/18.

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March 30th 2010 - March 30th 2010

Scope and Content

Refers to evidence substantiating Witness 812's adopted son's account of events regarding sexual abuse by a man living with Witness 812. Notes Witness 812's denial regarding the account of her adopted son. Comments that the adopted son's behaviour worsened when the man was not in the island or close to the adopted son. Comments on the adopted son's fear of the man. Discusses independent evidence corroborating Witness 812's adopted son's account of events, and the charging of the man with sexual offences. Queries how situation where the man could abuse Witness 812's adopted son arose. Suggests that in normal circumstances a man would not remain at their previous girlfriend's address after the relationship with his girlfriend had ended. Notes suspicion by Police that the man manipulated his situation to remain a part of Witness 812's family household. Refers to Witness 812's daughter calling the man for held when her car broke down. Queries action that would have been taken by Witness 812 had she suspected that the man was abusing her adopted son, noting Witness 812's response would have been to throw the man out of her house and bring her adopted son to the Police Station. States that Witness 812's adopted son's behaviour was poor prior to the man moving into Witness 812's family home. Comments on how the man sexually abused Witness 812's adopted son in Witness 812's house, and discusses Witness 812's difficulties now she resides in the man's house. Queries whether Witness 812's loyalty to the man is due to her residing in the man's house. Provides details of arrangement for Witness 812's family to live in the man's house. Questions whether Witness 812 warned the man that the Police were investigating him. Refers to Witness 812's adopted son returning to the man when the adopted son has been in trouble. States that the man is not lying about clothing, phones, or bicylces, noting that Witness 812 and her husband have paid the man for teh phone and clothes. Refers to the man sexually abusing Witness 812's adopted son. Refers to Children's Services, Social Services, and Community Services. [For Parts 1 and 2 of this Tape Recorded Interview with Witness 812, see C/D/AW2/A1/16/WD006035 and C/D/AW2/A1/16/WD006036 respectively].


Children's Services
Community Services Department
Public Protection Unit
States of Jersey Police
Social Services
Hill, David, Detective Sergeant
Milner, Neil, Civilian Investigator


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