Digital copy of Exhibit 4: Witness Statement of a former resident at Les Chênes Residential School to the States of Jersey Police providing an account of her experiences in care. Includes allegations against Witness 543. Signature witnessed by M Newman. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 543's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 17 June 2015 [C/D/AW2/B1/14/WS000596].

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2008 - 2008

Scope and Content

Provides details of her early life, including comments about her parents, noting that her father left her mother when she became pregnant with her brother following an affair. Recalls mother's post-natal depression following the birth of her brother, describing emotional and physical abuse, resulting in her referral to Social Services. Recalls temporary foster care with a woman and subsequent foster placement with a family with a son and daughter. States that she was sexually abused by the son of her second foster family, and recalls reporting the abuse to her grandmother and her foster parents. Comments on involvement of the Police, referring to the police officer involved in the case and her refusal to be examined by a doctor. Refers to transfer to La Préférence Children's Home at the age of 10 or 11. Includes recollections of the regime, staff and activities at La Préférence. Describes transfer to a third foster placement with a woman in her 50s, referring to a trip to Paris. Refers to breakdown of this foster placement following physical abuse by her foster mother. Provides details of subsequent foster placements, including at Haute Valle [Haute Vallée], commenting on impact of experiences on her. Refers to transfer to Heathfield Children's Home when she was aged 10 or 11. Provides details of sexual abuse at Heathfield on three occasions by older residents and a member of staff. Recalls damaging the staff member's car after she was raped by him. States that she has no recollection of reporting abuse to anyone, but suggests that abuse may have been reported to a police officer named Shaun. Includes a description of her room at Heathfield. Refers to transfer to Les Chênes, describing treatment in [Jersey General] Hospital whilst at Les Chênes following the sexual abuse by a member of Heathfield staff. States that her behaviour became erratic following this incident, noting that she was particularly aggressive towards men. Recalls being sexually abuse by a member of Les Chênes staff who supplied residents with ecstasy. States that she reported the abuse and that soon after this he was caught with drugs and sacked. Describes learning that a drug dealer had sexually abused another resident whilst she was under the influence of drugs, noting that he also raped her at knife point. States that they reported the rapes but that he was never prosecuted for them. Describes being physical assaulted by Witness 543 on numerous occasions, describing him as violent. Recalls that she was often in the secure unit and includes a description of the points system. Describes regular visits by her family during this period, referring to visible injuries on her face from assaults by Witness 543. Includes a description of the secure unit, commenting on the length of time she was kept in solitary confinement. Describes incident resulting in her transfer to La Moye Prison aged 15 after Witness 543 pressed charges against her whilst she was pressing charges against him. States that Witness 543 came into secure and grabbed her by the neck, assaulted another resident against a coffee machine and intervention by other members of staff. States that she was arrested and examined by a male police doctor, referring to evidence of injuries sustained during assault by Witness 543. Also refers to an incident where Witness 543 held a male resident by the neck and shook him so hard that his trousers fell down. States that she only had a problem with Witness 543 and not any other staff member at Les Chênes. States that she reported physical abuse by Witness 543 to her Child Care Officer, Stuart Hallam. Includes comments about the conditions of her sleeping situation at Les Chênes and positive recollections of Stuart Hallam. Also includes recollections of inappropriate behaviour by a male member of staff at Les Chênes who would watch the girls as they were getting changed, noting that all of the girls made numerous complaints about his behaviour. Details physical abuse of Les Chênes residents by this staff member in a number of locations including in a maths lesson, the corridor to the Secure unit and the football yard. Refers to nickname given to his staff member. Includes recollections of other members of staff, including a male staff member described as an alcoholic who would drink alcohol in the tuck shop whilst on duty. Also describes two more incidents where she was physically abused by Witness 543. States was assaulted after being caught smoking by Witness 543, stating that was arrested and taken to La Moye before being taken to the Hospital by Prison Officer Sarah Partridge to receive medical treatment for injuries. Also describes being made by Witness 543 to watch as he physically assaulted another resident in the secure unit and vice versa


Hallam, Stuart
Newman, M, Detective Constable
Partridge, Sarah
Children's Services
Heathfield Children's Home
HM Prison, La Moye
Jersey General Hospital
Les Chênes Residential School
La Préférence Children's Home
McDonald's (Fast food restaurant)
Operation Rectangle
Social Services
States of Jersey Police
States of Jersey


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