Digital copy of Exhibit EC11: Police Report submitted by Detective Constable 123 Nigel Gregory on the subject of a [Children's Services employee]. [Some details redacted]. Used in relation to Emma Coxshall's second Witness Statements to the Inquiry dated 19 October 2015 [C/D/AW4/B2/13/WS000650]. For Emma Coxshall's Witness Statements to the Inquiry dated September to October 2015 see C/D/AW4/B2/13.

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July 5th 2004 - July 23rd 2004

Scope and Content

Relates to allegations made by an individual regarding assault by a Children's Services employee, noting excessive force used on an individual on 26 January 2004, due to which an individual sustained an injury to her head, and was hit on the leg. Refers to initial investigations by DC [Detective Constable] Parker of the Family Protection Unit, noting interviews with an individual, and another La Préférence resident. Refers to tape recorded interview with the Children's Services employee by Detective Constable Nigel Gregory and DS [Detective Sergeant] David Le Sueur. Notes the Children's Services employee's employment with Children's Services, and his actions of the day in question. Refers to a senior member of La Préférence staff's difficulties in driving residents to Heathfield [Children's Home] for lessons, and her request for the Children's Services employee's assistance. Comments on the Children's Services employee's decision to send the senior member of La Préférence staff home, leaving the Children's Services employee alone with two female residents, including an individual. Notes the other female La Préférence resident's use of the computer in the dining room for school work, and the Children's Services employee's decision for an individual to leave the dining room due to her causing a distraction. Mentions the Children's Services employee's explanation regarding an individual's physical contact with male staff, and allegations arising as a result of that contact. Refers to an individual throwing herself onto a chair in the lounge. Notes that the Children's Services employee's account differs from that of a La Préférence member of staff who also witnessed the incident, and provided a description of the Children's Services employee's behaviour and appearance. Refers to exaggeration present during the female La Préférence resident using the computer in the dining room's interview regarding the incident, noting differences to the La Préférence member of staff's account, as well as an individual's. Refers to the Children's Services employee's denial of the allegations involving an individual, and noting that incidents of such a nature would be reported to Children's Services Manager Phil Bennett [Phil Dennett]. Comments on contradictions in the Children's Services employee's recollection of the incident. Refers to the Children's Services employee's recollection of the allegation he assaulted an individual on the leg, and his statement of acting as 'Locum Parenti' regarding his actions. Refers to the questioning of the Children's Services employee's use and interpretation of the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, noting his actions in moving an individual as 're-redirection' and 'proximity control'. Notes corroboration by a [member of La Préférence staff] regarding the use of physical intervention. Details the Children's Services employee's view regarding appropriate tactics in relation to child care and management. Refers to allegation of physical abuse made against the Children's Services employee by a La Préférence resident, mentioning a chair and another La Préférence resident who has declined to be interviewed by Police. Notes that sufficient evidence would be required in order to consider a prosecution for common assault on an individual or the other La Préférence resident, and notes Detective Contstable Gregory's opinion regaridng insufficient evidence regarding force used on an individual by the Children's Services employee. Notes possibility that allegations against the Children's Services employee may be malicious. States that the Children's Services employee's actions in relation to an individual, noting a possible loss of control by the Children's Services employee to be addressed by his line managers. Contains handwritten note to Lawrence [O'Donnell] regarding the investigation into allegations of assault by the Children's Services employee, and requesting Lawrence [O'Donnell's] view on evidence presented.


Children's Services
Heathfield Children's Home
La Préférence Children's Home
States of Jersey Police
States of Jersey
Social Services
Coxshall, Emma, Police Constable
Dennett, Phil
Gregory, Nigel, Detective Constable
Le Sueur, David, Detective Sergeant
O'Donnell, Lawrence
Parker, Detective Constable


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