Digital copy of Exhibit GP68: Operation Haven: An independent disciplinary investigation by Wiltshire Police following the suspension of Chief Officer Graham Power of the States of Jersey Police on 12 November 2008. Names Brian Moore QPM, Chief Constable, Wiltshire Police as Senior Investigating Officer. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Graham Power's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 23 February 2015 [C/D/AW4/B2/16/WS000536].

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2010 - 2010

Scope and Content

Contains obligation to confidentiality, background and context, executive summary, supervision of Operation Rectangle by Chief Officer Power, supervision of Operation Rectangle as a critical incident by Chief Officer Power, the supervision of media management in Operation Rectangle by Chief Officer Power, the witness statement of CO [Chief Officer] Power and lines of enquiry arising from it, list of conclusions, list of recommendations and legal advice in respect of suggested charges. Also includes the following appendices: chronology of Operation Rectangle from 1 September 2007 to 12 November 2008 (Appendix 1), summary of Operation Rectangle cases (Appendix 2), policy book entries (Appendix 3), witness list (Appendix 4), and glossary of terms (Appendix 5).


ACPO Homicide Working Group
Association of Chief Police Officers
Attorney General
British Broadcasting Corporation
British Museum
Cambridge Constabulary
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Minister's Department
Child Protection Unit
Council of Ministers
Daily Mail
Devon and Cornwall Police
Dorset Police
Education Committee
Education Department
Grampian Police
Guernsey Police
Haut de la Garenne
Health Department
Historic Abuse Team
Home Affairs
Home Office Large Major Enquiries System
ITV Channel Television
Jersey Care Leavers' Association
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Home for Boys
Jersey Police Complaints Authority
Jersey Sea Cadets
Kent Police
Lancashire Constabulary
Law Officers' Department
Leicestershire Police
Lothian and Borders Police
Mail on Sunday
Meridian Broadcasting
Metropolitan Police Service
Middlesbrough Borough Police
Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements
National Crime Recording Standards
National Policing Improvement Agency
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
News of the World
North Yorkshire Police
Operation Fincham
Operation Haven
Operation Rectangle
Operation Sumac
Oxford University
Rotary Club of Jersey
Royal Court
Sky News
Social Services
Solicitor General
South Yorkshire Police
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police
Sunday Times
The Daily Telegraph
The Guardian
The Sun
Working Together (policy)
West Yorkshire Police
Wiltshire Police
Austin-Vautier, Steven
Baker, André
Baker, Stephen
Beechy, Detective Chief Inspector
Beggs, John, QC
Bell, Lynne, Dr
Birt, Michael
Bonjour, André Paolo
Borland, Chris
Boots, Malcolm
Bray, Keith
Britton, Peter Terrence
Brock, Fiona
Burmingham, David, Inspector
Bushell, Lieutenant Commander
Canavan, Carole
Carter, Brian
Chapman, Jessica
Cook, Gordon
Coupland, Victoria Tansy
Cousins, Inspector
Coxshall, Mark, Detective Sergeant
Coxwell, Mark
Davies, Phil
Denley, Kevin John
du Val, Shaun
Edmonds, John Henry
Ellis, Victoria
Ferguson, Sarah, Senator
Fossey, Alison
Gradwell, Michael, Detective Superintendent
Griffiths, Bill
Grime, Martin
Harper, Lenny
Harrison, Anne
Harrison, Karl
Hart, Rachel, Detective Constable
Heald, Mick
Hemming, John
Higham, Tom, Dr
Hill, David, Detective Sergeant
Houghton, Geoff, Reverend
Houzé, Mark Philip
Jacobi, Roger, Dr
Journeaux, Louise
Keen, Kevin
Kinnard, Wendy
Knight, Andrew
Lang, Lynn, Detective Constable
Lawrence, Steven
Le Chevalier, Alexandra, Detective Constable
Le Cocq, Timothy
Le Hegarat, Mary
Le Sueur, Terry
Lewis, Andrew, Deputy
MacKinnon, Gaille
Marshall, Dave
Martins, Emma
Middleton, Elizabeth
Millar, David
Mooney, John
Moore, Brian
Minty, David
Nibbs, Louise
Ogley, Bill
Parker, Jon
Perchard, Jim, Senator
Pinglaux, Kevin
Pitchers, Sir Christopher
Power, Graham
Power, Sean
Pryke, Anne Enid, Deputy
Ranson, Steve
Regal, Stephen
Roberts, Julie
Rose, David
Sculthorp, John
Shaw, Bridget
Shenton, Ben
Simpson, Scott
Stoddart, Jonathan
Straw, Jack
Sweeting, Bryan
Syvret, Stuart
Tapp, Matthew
Tattersall, Andrew
Thomas, Simon
Walker, Frank
Warcup, David
Wells, Holly
West, Adrian
Whelan, Cyril Edward
Williams, Ken
Wood, John
Yates, Silva, Constable of St Martin


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