Digital copy of Exhibit JE37: Email Correspondence and a Memorandum from Laurence O'Donnell to Detective Inspector Robert Bonney concerning the case against a man subject to allegations of abuse by a former resident of Haut de la Garenne in relation to the period he visited Haut de la Garenne and took children out from the Home. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to John Edmonds's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 19 January 2016 [C/D/AW4/B2/18/WS000698].

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September 24th 2004 - July 14th 2009

Scope and Content

• Email sent at 10:45 on 14 July 2009 from John Edmonds to William Redgrave. Refers to a copy of an advice from Laurence O'Donnell regarding the case and an earlier advice not to proceed, requesting sight of a copy. • Email sent at 11:15 on 14 July 2009 from John Edmonds to William Redgrave. Copies in Stephen Baker. States belief that a handwritten note on the attached document is by Robert Bonney. • Email sent at 12:07 on 14 July 2009 from John Edmonds to William Bailhache. Includes comments about Legal Advisers having applied a test of mandatory corroboration rather than properly evaluating whether an uncorroborated victim would nonetheless be regarded as a witness of truth, referring to impact of Ian Christmas's involvement as both a Legal Adviser and Magistrate. • Memorandum dated 24 September 2004 from Laurence O'Donnell to Detective Inspector R Bonney. Copies in Tim Allen. Includes remarks about the thoroughness of the investigation of the case and comments about the prosecution process for similar offences in the United Kingdom. Refers to lack of contemporaneous corroboration of the account given by the former resident of Haut de la Garenne, and complication in that the former resident then approached the man in order to blackmail him and was subsequently convicted of blackmail. Refers to local practice in such cases. Includes a note from RFB [Robert Bonney] to DC Carter informing him that the Attorney General had reviewed the position and that the case cannot be prosecuted without further corroboration. Refers to possibility of the case being reconsidered if other victims materialise.


Allen, Tim
Bailhache, William
Baker, Stephen
Bonney, Robert
Carter, Brian, Detective Constable
Christmas, Ian
Edmonds, John
O'Donnell, Laurence
Redgrave, William
Criminal Cases Review Commission
Haut de la Garenne
Law Officers' Department
States of Jersey Police


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