Sound recording of Sue Hardy speaking about the Occupation and the years after. She was interviewed on 26/11/2004 by Stuart Nicolle for the Liberation to Coronation Oral History Project. Mrs Hardy speaks about coming back to Jersey after the war, staying with family a different houses that she describes, the vegetables crops, the shops in town, the celerations of Guy Fawkes' night, her fathers jewelry business, cars, the farm animals, various shops, telegrams, the postal service, nurses and midwifes, rationing, ration books, clothes, shoes, christmas celebrations, the blacksmith and his forge, the use of Jèrriais in everyday life, going to school at St Ouen's Elementary School and the classes, the entertainment after the occupation, the battle of flowers, the food deliveries, the fish market, foreigners in Jersey, pubs, the Breton workers, the cinema Odeon, watching the Coronation on a television, a holiday camp at Plemont, she talks of various parades and fetes and the Colorado beetle infestation.




November 26th 2004


Jersey Heritage Trust
Nicolle, Stuart
Hardy, Sue
St Ouen's Wesleyan School


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