Sound recording of Silvanus Yates speaking about the Occupation and the years after. He was interviewed on 15/12/2004 by Geraldine des Forges for the Liberation to Coronation Oral History Project. Mr Yates speaks about being an evacuee and coming back to Jersey, seeing the fortification, the railway lines and the germans equipments, going to the beaches and the bunkers, people not talking about the occupation much, his father being stationed in Germany after the war and moving there, seeing the bomb damages in Germany, the attitudes of the germans post-war, the Civil Control Germany, the rationing and bartering with cigarette sent from Jersey, going to school in Germany, the displaced persons camps, going back to Jersey in 1948 and the food rationing still going on but better than in the UK, a higher standard of living on the island, the selling of tomatoes and potatoes, the tourists influx, going to Victoria College and the compulsory sport classes, going to the cinema, the battle of flowers, the milk bar, the farm workers, the coronation and the death of the King.




December 15th 2004


Jersey Heritage Trust
des Forges, Geraldine
Yates, Silvanus
Havre des Pas Pool
Victoria College


history | oral history | sound recordings | sound | Liberation | Occupation | evacuees | Fortifications | Railway lines | soldiers | Beaches | Bunkers | Germany | Hanover | bomb damage | Rationing | displaced persons | bartering | Schools | shortages | tomatoes | Potatoes | tourists | Sports | classes | cinemas | Battle of Flowers | Farm workers | Coronations | royal deaths


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