Digital copy of Robert Le Brocq's Witness Statement to the Inquiry providing details of his experiences within the Honorary Police, and in relation to Roger Holland. [Some details redacted].

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August 27th 2014 - August 27th 2014

Scope and Content

Provides details of Introduction to the Honorary Police of St Helier, election and role as a Constable's Officer, election and role as Centenier, Parish Hall Enquiries, dealing with personal conflicts, election and role as a Constable, impressions of Roger Holland, election of Roger Holland, availability of Roger Holland's criminal record, specific incidents involving Roger Holland, Pomme d'Or Hotel incident, complaints made by three Honorary Police Officers in 1999, investigation of complaints, role in the investigation of Roger Holland, Wiltshire Constabulary's investigation, Royal Court case, subsequent events, public statement of Sir Philip Bailhache, and a subsequent incident. For Exhibits referenced, see C/D/AW4/A5/30/WD005247/1 to C/D/AW4/A5/30/WD005247/12 (Exhibits RLB1 to RLB20 inclusive).


Criminal Records Office
Defence Committee
Honorary Police
Magistrate's Court
Pomme D'Or Hotel
Probation and After Care Service
Public Services Committee
Royal Court
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police
St John Ambulance
Wiltshire Police
Backhurst, Marie-Louise
Bailhache, William
Bailhache, Philip
Coppock, Geoffrey Henry Charles
Clarke, F P W, Constable of St Helier
Davies, Peter
Freeley, Patrick
Gallichan, Ted
Howlett, Paul A, Superintendent
Holland, Roger
Lakeman, Chris, Advocate
Le Brocq, Robert
Olsen, Tony
Rousseau, Vingtenier
Webb, Pam


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