Digital copy of the Witness Statement of Trevor Pitman to the Inquiry providing an account of his experiences during his time as a Youth and Community Development professional, a politician in Jersey, and thereafter, particularly in relation to the exposure of the Jersey Way. [Some details redacted].

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November 2nd 2015 - November 2nd 2015

Scope and Content

Begins with comments about the Jersey Way within the context of the child abuse scandal in Jersey. Includes an overview of his political career in Jersey, referring to election as a Deputy for St Helier District 1 in 2008 and re-election in 2011. Also describes the circumstances surrounding his and his wife Shona's departure from politics in 2014, referring to a legal battle with the Jersey Evening Post and being made en Désastre. Outlines purpose of his statement to the Inquiry. Provides background information including an overview of his career a Youth and Community Development professional, particularly in relation to his involvement with the Jersey Youth Service. Includes comments about the relationship between Youth Services and other agencies and details his thoughts on child protection in Jersey near the time of his decision to stand for election. Describes the importance of understanding the Jersey Way and makes relevant observations regarding his decision to become involved in politics in 2008. Describes his experiences as a States Member in respect of Haut de la Garenne and the Jersey Way. Includes background comments about the issue of selective prosecutions and sentencing in child abuse cases. Also includes examples of selective prosecution and sentencing in child abuse cases, referring to cases involving Andrew Jervis-Dykes and Claude Donnelly. Comments on the matter of Haut de la Garenne and his related experiences in confronting this matter within the States Assembly. Includes comments about the Metropolitan Police interim report regarding the suspension of Graham Power. Also includes comments about the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel Review of the BDO Alto Report, including reference to establishment attempts to obstruct the Scrutiny investigation. Includes comments about a number of issues relating to the concept of the Jersey Way, referring to: boxes of hidden evidence relating to abuse at Haut de la Garenne; missing records and documents; attempts to breach the police cordon at Haut de la Garenne; the existence of cellars underneath Haut de la Garenne; a skip driver being asked to take away bones; unexplained lime pits and forced abortions; forensic exhibit JAR/6; and the manner by which US journalist Leah McGrath Goodman was monitored. Details evidence for his argument that nothing within the establishment attitude to abuse has changed. Describes the judicial corruption harnessed against former Senator Stuart Syvret. Finishes with comments about the Jersey Way, detailing his own experiences of justice in being forced out of political office.


Austin-Vautier, Steven
Bailhache, Ann, Senator
Bailhache, Sir Philip
Bailhache, William
Baker, Piers
Bartlett, Ian
Baudains, Marnie
Bernstein, Carl
Birt, Sir Michael
Bishop, Ann
Bowron, Mike, Chief Officer
Breckon, Alan, Senator
Bright, Chris
Bryans, Rod, Deputy
Bull, Kathie, Dr
Carswell, Lord
Chomsky, Noam
Cleworth, Daryn
Clyde-Smith, Julian Anthony
Cohen, Freddie
Corbyn, Jeremy
Cornelissen, Anton
Crich, Ian
de Sousa, Debbie, Deputy
du Feu, A G, Sergeant
Donnelly, Claude James
Farnham, Lyndon, Senator
Ferguson, Sarah, Senator
Flowers, David
Foster, Ray
Fox, Ben, Deputy
Gambles, Peter
Gorst, Ian, Senator
Gradwell, Mick
Gripton, Jon
Haden, Mike
Hamon, Francis
Hardie, Tom Keir
Harper, Lenny
Hemming, John
Henry, Lenny
Higgins, Mike, Deputy
Hill, Bob, Deputy
Holland, Roger
Hydes, Jack
Jervis-Dykes, Andrew
Jouault, Richard
Kellett, Mike
King, Martin Luther
Kinnard, Wendy, Senator
Knight, Martin
Krichefski, Wilfred Harold, Senator
Labey, Carolyn, Deputy
Lane, Richard
Le Breton, John, Jurat
Le Brocq, Norman, Deputy
Le Brocq, Robert Lester, Constable
Le Brocq, Sally, Jurat
Le Claire, Paul, Deputy
Le Cocq, Timothy
Le Feuvre, Iris
Le Gresley, Francis, Senator
Le Hérissier, Roy, Deputy
Le Main, Terry, Senator
Le Marquand, Ian, Senator
Le Monnier, Carol
Le Sueur, Terry, Senator
Lewis, Andrew, Deputy
Lewis, Kevin, Deputy
Lippmann, Walter
Lundy, Mario
Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Martins, Emma
Mason, Sheila
Matthews, Gary, Deputy
McColl, Sir John
McGrath Goodman, Leah
McKeon, Tom
McMurray, Neil
Mezbourian, Deidre
Mézec, Sam, Deputy
Napier, Brian, QC
Nixon, Richard Milhous, 37th President of the United States 1969 - 1974
Ogley, Bill
Ozouf, Philip, Senator
Paxman, Jeremy
Perchard, Jim, Senator
Pinel, Susie, Deputy
Pitman, Shona, Deputy
Pitman, Trevor Mark
Pollard, Mike
Pontin, Sean
Power, Graham
Power, Sean, Deputy
Pryke, Anne Enid, Deputy
Pryke, Roger
Rabet, Roger
Ridgway, Andrew, Lieutenant-Governor, Lieutenant-General
Rodhouse, John
Rondel, Richard, Deputy
Rose, David
Ryan, Patrick, Deputy
Sharp, Stephen
Shenton, Ben, Senator
Shenton, Dick, Senator
Sibcy, Andy
Sinel, Philip
Smith, Brian
Sorda, Rico
Southern, Geoff, Deputy
Syvret, Stuart, Senator
Tadier, Montfort, Deputy
Thatcher, Margaret
Trower, Roger
Vasey, Royston
Vibert, Mike, Senator
Vibert, Ralph, Senator
Vibert, Ted
Walker, Frank, Senator
Warcup, David
Wherry, Danny
Wimberley, Daniel, Deputy
Woodward, Bob
Yeltram, Dave
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Corporate Management Board
Council of Ministers
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