Digital copy of Exhibit TP4: Report of the Independent Inquiry, on behalf of the Governing Body of Victoria College and the Education Committee of the States of Jersey, by Stephen Sharp, former Chief Education Officer of Buckinghamshire. Used as evidence in relation to Trevor Pitman's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 11 November 2015 [C/D/AW4/B2/30/WS000654].

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June 17th 1999 - June 17th 1999

Scope and Content

Relates to the investigation concerning Andrew Jervis-Dykes, a teacher at Victoria College, sentenced to four years imprisonment on 26 April 1999 for indecent assault involving pupils at Victoria College. Includes an executive summary detailing the terms of reference of the Inquiry and its principal recommendations. Report includes two parts: Part A provides an introduction to the matter, refers to matters raised by the Attorney General and comments on the supervision of trips and child protection; and Part B details a reconstruction and sequence of events up to November 1992 until 1999, includes interpretation and further details of events, and finishes with principal conclusions of the Inquiry.


Alcock, Sir Michael
Baker, Piers
Cornelissen, Anton
Falle, Advocate
Faudemer, Barry Kenneth
Gilson, Andrew
Grady, Brian
Hamon, Francis
Hydes, Jack
Hydes, Mrs
Jeune, Reg, Senator
Le Breton, John, Jurat
Le Ruez, Mazel, Jurat
Jervis-Dykes, Andrew
McKeon, Tom
Pirouet, Richard
Pitman, Trevor, Deputy
Pryke, Roger, Detective Sergeant
Robins, Richard
Rotherham, David
Rotherham, Mrs
Rotherham, Stephen
Sharp, Stephen
Stockton, Robin
Wilkinson, Stephen
Ariadne (Yacht)
Child Protection Team
Children's Services
Defence Committee
Education Committee
Education Department
Health and Social Services Committee
Jersey Child Protection Committee
Jersey College for Girls
Jersey Evening Post
L'Horizon Hotel
Law Officers' Department
Le Rocquier School
Ministry of Defence
National Association of Schoolmasters and the Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT)
Old Court House
Orpheus (Yacht)
Royal Air Force
Royal Yacht Association
Ruse (Yacht)
Sky UK
States of Jersey Police
University of Southampton
Victoria College
Victoria College Board of Governors
Victoria College Combined Cadet Force
Victoria College Parent Teacher Association


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