Digital copy of Exhibit RFB13: Report submitted by DS [Detective Sergeant] [Michael] Shearer concerning an investigation into allegations made against an 18 year old male suggesting that he had sexually abused two young children whilst he was aged between 16 and 17. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Robert F Bonney's Second Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 26 November 2015 [C/D/AW4/B2/26/WS000676].

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April 3rd 2003 - April 3rd 2003

Scope and Content

Provides details of about the suspect and each of the two victims and an overview to the case, referring to allegations made against an 18 year old male suggesting that he had sexually abused two young children whilst he was aged between 16 and 17, noting the suspect is the son of foter parents. Sets out background information about the case, details about the family and the scene of the alleged crimes being the family home. Also includes comments about the suspect. Sets out details about the investigation, referring to the initial disclosure, video interviews and medical examinations in respect of each of the children, a strategy discussion and further disclosure from, and video interview of, one of the children. Refers to agreement of the strategy regarding the arrest of the suspect, mentioning the application for a search warrant, the arrest of the suspect, obtaining of the suspect's DNA, and the search of the home including seizure of clothing and carpet. Refers to taking of statements from the foster parents, video interview of an individual, interview of suspect, further enquiries, a review of the video evidence and the submission of forensics. Also refers to suggestions by the suspect's family that the allegations were false and malicious, and attempts by the suspect's family to discredit individuals and discredit the children. Provides details of the initial forensic results and sets out details of a further interview of an individual, prior to a review of the witness statements, an assessment of suitability of an individual, details of enquiries to identify other potential victims, a disclosure from an individual and subsequent video interview and medical examination. Provides details of the forensic results, details of a second interview of the suspect. Finishes with a conclusion about the case and recommendations. Includes handwritten note from [Robert Bonney] to Bridget [Shaw] requesting legal advice on whether to launch of a prosecution in respect of the case, referring to the opinion of David Castledine and the issue of the detrimental effects of the child witnesses.


Bonney, Robert
Brace, Sarah
Carter, Brian
Castledine, David
Coxshall, Emma, Police Constable
de Carteret, John, Police Constable
Fairbrace, Irene
Forde, Vanessa, Police Constable
Gregory, Nigel, Detective Constable
Johnson, Mandy, Dr
Le Sueur, Tony
Loughlin, Keeley Patricia, Detective Constable
Lucas, Helier
Manning, Kevin
Papworth, Phil
Shaw, Bridget
Shearer, Michael, Detective Sergeant
Smith, Sarah, née Henderson
Spratt, Clifford, Dr
Child Protection Register
Children's Services
Community Policing Team
Family Protection Team
Jersey General Hospital
Operation Chips
Robin Ward, Jersey General Hospital
Social Services
States of Jersey Police


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