Digital copy of Email correspondence involving Ian Crich concerning a letter to Graham Power regarding the decision to suspend him from duty as Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police. [Some details redacted].

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January 29th 2009 - January 30th 2009

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• Email sent at 20:26 on 29 January 2009 from Ian Le Marquand to Timothy Le Cocq (Solicitor General) titled Final form of letter to Mr. Power. Copies in Mick Pinel and Ian Crich. Refers to a draft letter to Mr Power, requesting confirmation that the letter corresponds with what was agreed. Includes reply by Mick Pinel sent at 07:12 on 30 January 2009 noting that the letter in question was not attached, and reply by Ian Le Marquand sent at 09:14 on 30 January 2008 attaching the letter. • Email sent at 10:04 on 30 January 2009 from Ian Crich to Mick Pinel titled Re: Final form of letter to Mr. Power. Express discomfort with the Minister's decision to adopt the outlined approach, commenting on possible implications in respect of a hearing. States opinion that the proposed letter will not be understood by the recipient, commenting on need from more explicit language in any such letter to avoid confusion.


Crich, Ian
Le Cocq, Timothy
Le Marquand, Ian, Senator
Pinel, Mick
Power, Graham
Home Affairs
Human Resources Department
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police


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