Digital copy of the Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report 1999-2000. Used as evidence in relation to Section 1: Introduction of Nicholas Griffin QC's Report [C/D/AW4/A5/26/WD008989].

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July 18th 2000 - July 18th 2000

Scope and Content

Annual Report of the Crown Prosecution Service for the period April 1999 to March 2000 from the Director of Public Prosecutions to the Attorney General. Presented to Parliament in pursuance of Section 9 of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985, Chapter 23. Begins with a letter from David Calvert-Smith, Director of Public Prosecutions to the Attorney General, details of the aim of the Crown Prosecution Service. Contains three sections titled: Introduction to the Crown Prosecution Service; A year of Investment for the Future; and Expenditure and performance. Also includes the following annexes: The Code for Crown Prosecutors; a list of Chief Crown Prosecutors and Area Business Managers; and information and charts related to designated caseworkers.


Adams, David
Altham, Janet
Archer, David
Auld, Lord Justice
Batten, Ivy
Bell, John
Blundell, David
Boeuf, Peter
Branch, Maurice
Branford-Wood, Carolyn
Burton, Lesley
Cable, Danielle
Calvert-Smith, David
Cameron, Stephen
Campbell, Fiona
Carroll, Liam
Chapman, Colin
Choldcroft, Graham
Clarke, Adele
Clements, Simon
Cole, Withiel
Collier, Rohan, Dr
Corrigham, Jeff
Cragg, Richard
Cresswell, Andrew
Crowley, Richard
Davies, Robert
Day, Christopher
Dickenson, Dickie
Daw, Roger
Denman, Sylvia
Dixon, Karen
Edmondson, Ian
England, Jim
Farmer, David
Farrell, Ian
Feetham, Brian
Forbes, Justice
Fox, Kevin
Franklin, Neil
Fullerton, Bill
Garbett, Angela
Glidewell, Sir Iain
Griffin, Nicholas, QC
Grist, Mike
Gourlay, Robert
Guy, Steve
Hall, Jeffrey
Harris, Alison
Hawkins, Nick
Hebblethwaite, Sandie
Heycock, Huw
Hollins, Will
Holt, John
Howard, Martin
Howe, Elizabeth
Hughes, Barry
Ingham, Charles
Ireland, Harry
Jones, Christine
Jones, Laraine
Kennedy, Michael
Kerr, Alison
Khan, Nasrin
Khare, Kumidini, Dr
King, Deborah
Lawrence, Stephen
Laybourne, Brian
Lewis, Peter
Lynn, Mark
Machray, Alex
Macpherson, Sir William
Magson, David
Mardell, Adrian
Marshall, Bob
Mhlanga, Bonny, Dr
Mitchell, Ken
Nabi, Nadeem
Nettleton, John
Noye, Kenneth
Overett, Paul
Parsons, Brian
Pearce, Edgar
Pears, John
Pessol, Gail
Petyt, Sue
Phillips, Margaret
Pilkington, Steve
Pinochet, Augusto
Pitt, Mike
Plummer, Paul
Preston, Shelagh
Prickett, Andrew
Putman, Jason
Rangwani, Monohar, Dr
Rankin, Glynn
Reasbeck, Nicola
Revell, John
Rowlands, Simon
Seehra, Indi
Shawcross, Lord
Shepherd, Barry
Sherwood, Edwina
Shipman, Harold
Skidmore, Caron
Spraggon, John
Stevenson, Robert
Stubbs, Sukhvinder
Sunderland, Mark
Sutton, Lawrence
Taylor, Tony
Tidey, Peter
Townsend, Monica
Turnbull, Bob
Waddington, Diane
Walker, Judith
Walsh, Angela
Warren, Sheri
Whittaker, Paul
Williams, Lord
Woolley, Chris
Wray, Martyn
Yule, Chris
Association of Chief Police Officers
Attorney General
Bristol Crown Court
British Army
Civil Aviation Authority
Criminal Cases Review Commission
Crown Prosecution Service
Department of Trade and Industry
Director of Public Prosecutions
Dryburn Hospital
European Commission of Human Rights
Forensic Science Service
Her Majesty's Stationery Office
Home Office
House of Commons
Inland Revenue
Kent County Council
Lord Chancellor's Department
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
News of the World
Operation Flight
Organised Crime Strategy Group
Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Runnymede Trust
Serious Fraud Office
University of Hull
Wolverhampton Crown Court


Avon | Bedfordshire | Birmingham | Bow, London | Bristol | Cambridgeshire | Cheshire | Chile | Cleveland | Colwyn Bay | Cornwall | Cumbria | Derbyshire | Devon | Dorset | Durham | Dyfed-Powys | Essex | Gloucestershire | Greater Manchester | Gwent | Hampshire | Hertfordshire | Humberside | Ipswich | Kent | Lancashire | Leicestershire | Lincolnshire | London | Madrid | Merseyside | Norfolk | North Wales | North Yorkshire | Northern Ireland | Northamptonshire | Northumbria | Nottinghamshire | Somerset | South Wales | South Yorkshire | Staffordshire | Suffolk | Surrey | Sussex | Thames Valley | United Kingdom | Warwickshire | West Mercia | West Midlands | West Yorkshire | Wiltshire | Wolverhampton | abuse | annual reports | Attorneys General | child abuse | convictions | courts | evidence | IJCI | investigations | murders | offences | Police | prosecutions | reports | sexual abuse | sexual offences | terrorism | young offenders


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