Digital copy of the Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report 2003-2004. Used as evidence in relation to Section 1: Introduction of Nicholas Griffin QC's Report [C/D/AW4/A5/26/WD008989].

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July 5th 2004 - July 5th 2004

Scope and Content

Annual Report of the Crown Prosecution Service for the period April 2003 to March 2004 from the Director of Public Prosecutions to the Attorney General. Presented to Parliament in pursuance of Section 9 of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985, Chapter 23. Begins with a letter from Ken MacDonald, Director of Public Prosecutions to the Attorney General. Includes sections titled: The Crown Prosecution Service; Summary of CPS performance and achievements; Criminal Justice System performance; CPS reform; and expenditure. Also contains annexes titled: Casework statistics; The Code for Crown Prosecutors; Designated caseworkers; CPS headquarters; and CPS area/police force boundary map.


Afzal, Nazir
Archer, David
Ashton, Jean
Auld, Lord Justice
Bailey, Denise
Bailey, Sarah
Barclay, Réne
Baxter, Andrew
Bell, John
Beltrami, Ed
Blundell, David
Borrill, Irene
Branch, Maurice
Bridges, Kim
Burton, Lesley
Calvert-Smith, David
Campbell, Fiona
Carr, Maxine
Carroll, Liam
Carty, Kate
Chapman, Colin
Chapman, Jessica
Choldcroft, Graham
Clarke, Adele
Clements, Simon
Coe-Salazar, Roger
Cowgill, Nigel
Cresswell, Andrew
Crowley, Richard
Dady, Daniel
Day, Christopher
Edmondson, Ian
England, Jim
Everett, Ian
Falconer, Lord
Farmer, David
Ferguson, Wray
Fitzgerald, Mark
Foster, Richard
Fox, Kevin
Fox, Linda
Franklin, Neil
Furniss, Jane
Gallagher, Sarah Jane
Garbett, Angela
Geering, Philip
Gilbody, John
Goldman, Martin
Goldsmith, Lord
Graham, John
Griffin, Nicholas, QC
Grist, Mike
Gunn, Brian
Hamon, Claire
Harold, Karen
Hawkins, Nick
Hebblethwaite, Sandie
Henly, Ian
Hodson, Caroline
Hollins, Will
Holt, John
Hooper, Lord Justice
Howard, Martin
Howe, Elizabeth
Hughes, Barry
Huntley, Ian
Illingworth, Andrew
Ingham, Charles
Ireland, Harry
Kerr, Alison
King, Bob
King, Deborah
Lampitt, David
Lattimer, Christina
Laybourne, Brian
Lewis, Peter
Lynn, Mark
MacDonald, Ken
Mardell, Adrian
Marshall, Bob
Minter, Steve
Mitchell, Chris
Momodu, Henrietta
Moore, Ian
Morgan, Martin
Murrell, Fran
Myers, Lily
Nettleton, John
Newcombe, Richard
Newell, Chris
O'Connor, Angela
Pears, John
Pearson, Karen
Pessol, Gail
Phillips, Helen
Phillips, Margaret
Pople Steve
Putman, Jason
Ratcliffe, Sean
Rahman, So
Ratcliffe, Sean
Reasbeck, Nicola
Revell, John
Riley, Tim
Robinson, Jane
Rowlands, Simon
Sawitzki, Karen
Scholefield, Catherine
Scotland, Baroness
Sharpling, Dru
Sherwood, Edwina
Skidmore, Caron
Spencer, Rita
Stekelenburg, Peter
Stillwell, Gill
Stowell, Susan
Sutton, Laurence
Thomas, Jeff
Tidey, Peter
Toogood, Claire
Trevelyan, Sarah
Turnbell, Fiona
Ubhey, Baljit
Walker, Judith
Walsh, Angela
Watt, Lesley
Wells, Holly
White, Nina
Whittaker, Paul
Williams, Wendy
Wray, Martyn
Yule, Chris
Attorney General
Cabinet Office
Crown Prosecution Service
Department for Constitutional Affairs
Director of Public Prosecutions
Disability Rights Commission
European Convention on Human Rights
European Union
Her Majesty's Crown Prosecution Inspectorate
Her Majesty's Customs and Excise
Her Majesty's Stationery Office
Home Office
Leeds Metropolitan University
Liverpool County Council
National Audit Office
National Crime Squad
National Criminal Justice Board
National Intelligence Service
Norwich Crown Court
Port Vale Football Club
Serious Organised Crime Agency


Avon | Bedfordshire | Birmingham | Bradford | Bristol | Cambridgeshire | Cheshire | Cleveland | Cornwall | Cumbria | Derby | Derbyshire | Devon | Dorset | Durham | Dyfed-Powys | Essex | France | Gloucestershire | Greater Manchester | Gwent | Hampshire | Hertfordshire | Humberside | Iraq | Italy | Kent | Lakenham, Suffolk | Lancashire | Leeds | Leicestershire | Lincolnshire | Liverpool | London | Merseyside | Norfolk | North Wales | North Yorkshire | Northamptonshire | Northumbria | Nottinghamshire | Norwich | Somerset | South Wales | South Yorkshire | Staffordshire | Suffolk | Sussex | Thames Valley | United Kingdom | Warwickshire | West Mercia | West Midlands | West Yorkshire | Wiltshire | abuse | annual reports | Attorneys General | child abuse | convictions | courts | evidence | IJCI | investigations | murders | offences | Police | prosecutions | reports | sexual abuse | sexual offences | terrorism | young offenders


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