Digital copy of the Witness Statement of [Witness 522] to the States of Jersey Police setting out details of allegations of sexual abuse against Tony Watton. Signature witnessed by J Packer. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Section 9 of Nicholas Griffin QC's Report [C/D/AW4/A5/26/WD008989] concerning Anthony Watton.

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January 8th 2009 - January 8th 2009

Scope and Content

Refers to upbringing in Jersey and details about his family life, employment and leisure activities mentioning golf. Includes details about his early life, referring to attendance at St Lawrence Primary School and Les Quennevais School, involvement with the water polo club and membership of the canoe club, recalling Tony Watton. Recalls that the canoes were kept at Haut de la Garenne, recalling visits to Haut de la Garenne with Watton to collect the canoes. Refers to Watton's involvement in water polo club. Includes recollections of trips and activities with the Canoe Club in Jersey at Egypt, St Catherine and L'Étacq, recollections of other members of the Canoe Club and recollections of a female helper at the Canoe Club. Also includes details about Tony Watton, including a description of his physical appearance. Recalls having previously spoken to police about Watton following an advertisement in the Jersey Evening Post concerning persons associated with the canoe club, referring to Watton's suicide by hanging. Also refers to reading claims by a woman with the same name as the female helper in the national media. Describes Watton's behaviour around children, referring to an incident where Watton made a sexual advance on him. Includes further comments about Watton's connection with the female helper, asserting that Watton would get her to indecently expose herself in front of the children, indecently expose himself in front of children and would also incite children to indecently expose themselves, drink alcohol and smoke. Recalls Watton singling children out for attention. Also recalls Watton's expulsion from the canoe club. Recalls a further incident where Watton attempted to sexually abuse him and recalls Watton getting into sleeping bags with children during camping trips. Includes recollections of other members of the canoe club, including a boy he describes as being shown favouritism by Watton. Includes further descriptions of the camping trips, including descriptions of the physical appearances of Watton and the female helper. Refers to a previous statement dated 12 November 2001 regarding his knowledge of Tony Watton's involvement in the canoe club, and details his awareness regarding the details of Watton's suicide.


Griffin, Nicholas, QC
Packer, John
Watton, Tony
Children's Services
Ford Cortina
Haut de la Garenne
Highlands College
Jersey Canoe Club
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Water Polo Association
Les Quennevais School
Operation Rectangle
St Lawrence School
Studio 18
States of Jersey Police
Victoria College


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