Digital copy of Exhibit BS3: 1. Part A of Minutes of the 71st Meeting of the Council of Ministers; and 2. Minutes of the 72nd Meeting of the Council of Ministers. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Ben Shenton's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 6 September 2015, [C/D/AW3/B1/2/WS000636].

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February 28th 2008 - April 24th 2008

Scope and Content

1. 1. Part A of Minutes of the 71st Meeting of the Council of Ministers dated 28 February 2008. Lists all members as present, with the exception of Senator B E Shenton (Minister for Health and Social Services. Also lists those in attendance at the meeting. Includes discussion of an item regarding the police investigation at Haut de la Garenne and subsequent media coverage of the developing criminal investigation. Refers to the formation of an advisory group listing its membership, an early day motion titled Child Protection in Jersey tabled in the House of Commons by A Mitchell MP, noting endorsement by the Council of Ministers of the Chief Minister's Advisory Group. Also includes discussion of Senator S Syvret's conduct in his engagement with media organisations, particularly in relation to the possible impact of police and criminal justice process, and reports by Senator Syvret regarding the reason for his dismissal as Minister for Health and Social Services. Includes recommendation that the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister host a press conference at St Martin's Parish Hall on 28 February 2008 to clarift the circumstances that led to the dismissal of Senator Syvret. 2. Minutes of the 72nd Meeting of the Council of Ministers dated 6 March 2008. Refers to matters arising from Operation Rectangle, and a discussion concerning an internal e-mail sent by Senator [Ben] Shenton to the Council of Ministers regarding management of aspects of Operation Rectangle by States of Jersey Police and the Home Affairs Department. [For a copy of these Minutes, see C/D/AW3/A2/2/WD007538].


Black, Ian
Clarkson, I
Cohen, Freddie, Senator
de Faye, Guy, Deputy
de la Haye, Michael Nelson
Gallichan, Juliette, Deputy
Haws, Chris
Kinnard, Wendy, Senator
Le Main, Terry, Senator
Le Sueur, Terry, Senator
Maclean, Alan, Deputy
Mitchell, Austin
Morris, J
Ozouf, Philip, Senator
Perchard, Jim, Senator
Routier, Paul, Senator
Shenton, Ben, Senator
Syvret, Stuart, Senator
Vibert, Mike, Senator
Walker, Frank, Senator
Council of Ministers
Economic Development
Education Sport and Culture
Haut de la Garenne
Health and Social Services
Home Affairs
House of Commons
Housing Department
Jersey Evening Post
Law Officers' Department
Planning and Environment
Social Security Department
St Martin's Parish Hall
States Greffe
States of Jersey Police
Transport and Technical Services
Treasury and Resources


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